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August 2014 Archives

Financial factors people should address in a divorce

Getting a divorce in New York could put some spouses at a disadvantage if they did not follow the family finances during their marriage. This is why they need to understand their current and future financial needs and address a few elements during the process of resolving their divorce.

Basic facts about alimony in a divorce

New Yorkers who are involved in a divorce might be interested to learn about spousal support, also known as alimony. During divorce proceedings, alimony may be awarded to one of the former spouses in order to mitigate the effects of losing the higher-wage-earning spouse's financial support. Alimony is usually paid on a temporary basis while the payee gathers the resources to become self-sufficient.

New York Office of Child Support Enforcement uses new strategies

Getting noncustodial parents to pay back child support is a goal long pursued by the Office of Child Support Enforcement in New York City. The office was established in 1975 and has since undergone many changes in the way it deals with parents who will not pay child support. A new report shows a shift in the OCSE's strategies. Whereas punitive actions used to be the focus, the office is now employing more cooperative and supportive tactics to get custodial parents the funds they need for their children.

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