Brooklyn Divorce Lawyers

Have you or your spouse made the difficult decision to end your marriage? Are you involved in a dispute over child custody and visitation? No matter what family law challenge you face, your next important decision is to select a lawyer. The right lawyer plays many roles, including confidant, counselor, investigator and advocate. The right lawyer will fight for you, protecting your family and your interests every step of the way.

At Curt Arnel & Associates in Brooklyn, we fill all of these roles and more. We represent people throughout the five boroughs of New York City and all the surrounding counties. We bring important skills and key attributes to every case we handle:

  • Experience – Mr. Arnel has more than 30 years of experience handling the full scope of family law matters, including high-asset divorces with complex property division, child custody disputes, domestic violence matters requiring orders of protection and difficult parent relocation matters.
  • Focus – Our firm has been exclusively devoted to family law since 1983. Rather than spread our efforts over a number of practice areas, we stay current on new laws that impact the wide array of family law cases.
  • Additional skills – Mr. Arnel is a certified public accountant who worked in that field before earning his law degree. His knowledge of finances helps him protect his clients' interests when evaluating assets for the purposes of equitable distribution of property, spousal support, child support and determining tax implications of their divorce.
  • Commitment to clients – Our Brooklyn divorce attorneys understand the emotional stress that divorce causes. We are compassionate and committed to helping you through this challenging time and to putting you in the best position to begin your post-divorce life.

Family Law Attorneys Serving Manhattan And Beyond

At Curt Arnel & Associates, we advocate aggressively for our clients, but only when aggression makes sense. Our family law attorneys adjust to the demands of each case, understanding that it's frequently possible to accomplish more through negotiation than through litigation.

When we do go to court, we know there is no substitution for preparation. We have a long record of obtaining successful outcomes for our clients, in large part because of the extensive work we put into our cases before we ever go to court. We have an established network of specialists such as forensic accountants, child psychologists and more who will strengthen your case and testify in court on your behalf if necessary.

Put Three Decades Of Experience On Your Side

Because we only work on family law matters, every case we have handled since 1983 has enriched our experience in this area of law. That experience is evident in the results we produce for our clients.

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and provide a straightforward assessment of your family law matter during a free consultation. Call 347-966-7378 or 866-625-6348 or use the contact form on our website to schedule an appointment.

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