How to Prepare for Your Divorce

If you and your spouse have not been getting along for a while, you may be thinking of a divorce. Before making that life-changing decision, you should both ask yourselves some questions to see if your relationship is salvageable. If not, there are things you can do to prepare for a divorce in New York, which will help the proceedings go a little easier.

According to the New York Times, couples should take the time and effort to consider a number of questions before deciding divorce is the only option. By the time divorce talk begins, emotions can confuse things, so it may be a good idea to go over the following questions with a third party:

  • Do you still love each other?
  • Do you both understand the issues in the relationship?
  • What could help save the marriage?
  • Do you agree on the roles each of you play?
  • Do you really think you will be happy without each other?
  • How can you prepare the children for divorce?
  • Are you ready for the financial consequences of divorce?

If, after discussing these questions, you both agree separating is the right choice, the proceedings will be smoother if you prepare. The Huffington Post discusses that getting ready financially is a big step. This includes collecting things such as pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, credit card bills etc. It also means preparing for life after divorce, such as how you will pay for a mortgage or rent by yourself or what sacrifices need to happen to provide adequate spousal and/or child support. You should also decide whether to use a mediator or if things are too complicated and attorneys are better. To help things emotionally, work on setting new goals post-divorce and taking care of yourself.