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Dear Curt, Thank you for fighting for me. You represented me in the courts and argued on my behalf even though his was a tough case given all the circumstances. Best wishes to you and your practice. I will definitely contact you and retain your firm should other circumstances arise in the future. Best regards, SC

Dear Curt,
I am writing to express my deepest thanks to you for your help in my Divorce. Because of your superb skill in negotiating, your understanding of the court, and the depth of your experience you were able to reach a settlement on my behalf. Since taking over my Divorce you have made it easy for me to understand what is at stake and what is in my best interest. I addition to your legal opinion you have also provided valuable advice on financial matters because of your CPA credential and experience.
In the end the settlement came sooner than I expected. I think that my husband and his lawyer backed down as they found you a strong opponent. The settlement was very favorable and more than what I had hoped for. In short I want to say that YOU ARE THE BEST!! I am fortunate to have your representing me.
Sincerely, P.W.

Thanks For everything that you have done for me to help in getting my children back. Thank you for the help, D.T.

Thank you so much for all the trouble you went on little Danny’s behalf. We really appreciate it. I know that he will be grateful to you when he grows up
Very truly yours, K.S

Dear Curt and Lorrain,
I wanted to thank you for all of your help throughout this process. Your professionalism and honesty were much appreciated. I intend on recommending you to anyone I know in need of such services.
All the best, W.P.

Dear Curt,
Thank you for your Kindness, professionalism, and Time. Last but not least the final chapter closed. As the song/show goes I’m “moving on”
Thanks again, L

Dear Curt,
Thanks very much for your thoughtfulness in sending me a check so quickly. I was a bit surprised but I always know I can depend on you at all levels.
Thanks again, C.C.

Thank you for standing by my side in the most difficult time. You are indeed a great attorney. I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone seeking help in the area of your specialty, and I will not hesitate to consult you in future legal needs.
Thank you, K.R.

Dear Curt,
Recently and for what seemed like forever I was fortunate to be represented by you as counsel in my Divorce case. The eventual settlement was a hard fought victory. I flinched at the word victory, in a situation where a couple which was once together in everything was now pitted against each other as opponents. The process was painful for me. I am used to being in control. The emotional drain on me was significant, and I am glad you were there. Your hearty spirit and boundless energy was the perfect antidote to my flagging spirit and resolve. I am no longer felling defeated, and I am looking forward to life with renewed spirit and vigor. Curt, you are largely responsible for making some room in my life for serenity. Thank you, my friend, and your name goes on my prayer wheel.
Much respect and gratitude, T.B

Dear Mr. Arnel,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you and your very efficient, courtesy, and pleasant secretary for securing a freedom for me that I really never knew existed……….. My Divorce. I do not have enough descriptive words to express how I feel, but all I really want to let you know is that your efforts and quick response to my request for help is and will always be highly appreciated and remembered.
Thanks again, M.E

Dear Curt,
I just wanted to thank you for all your help It was not an easy time for all of us who were involved. When I first started the process of my divorce I got more advice from people that my brain could handle. A teacher in J’s School gave me your name and I was very glad she did. I felt very comfortable with you and just went with the flow knowing you would do what was best for me and the kids. I was very impressed at how diplomatically you handled a very difficult person. Thanks again to you for being the kind of person that is there to help
Respectfully, M.W.

Dear MR. Arnel,
When it comes to fight, fight for someone or something that means the world to you, it’s so important to have a fiercely competent attorney by your side. You have been this type of attorney for me. Without your representation I would have been pushed around without mercy. Mr.Arnel has been the source of many nights of restful sleep for my daughter and me. Y.M

Hello Curt,
I wanted to let you know that my sister and I will be adopting our nephew. We are all so happy. I wanted to let you know and thank you so much for all of your help in the matter. We would not have gotten here without you. THANKS!! K.C.