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Man's past-due child support of 20 years leads to federal charges

One parent choosing to be the primary custodial parent following a divorce can often be difficult. If the other parent has little involvement, the primary parent must shoulder the majority of the burden for the care and financing of their shared children. Fortunately, many parents pay child support to assist providing for their child. New York parents may be interested to learn how one man's past-due child support resulted in federal criminal charges.

Apparently, the man divorced his wife in 1989 and was originally ordered to pay child support in the amount of $100 per month. Due to an alleged disability, his support payments were reduced to $14 a month, but at some point, he failed to pay it. In addition, he sold an internet company for $2 million and allegedly did not pay any child support out of the income.

Man wishes to establish paternity but state law may prevent it

Many states, including New York, have established laws that presume a woman's husband is the father of a child or children born to her during a marriage. Of course, that presumption does not always comport with the actual facts. A man in another state has been fighting to establish paternity despite another man being recognized as a child's father. 

The man apparently was intimately involved with a married woman over the course of five years. During that time period, the woman conceived and gave birth to a son who the man believes is his biological child. Because the woman was married at the time of the child's birth, her husband is recognized as the legal father.

Divorce negotiations could be affected by alimony tax changes

At the end of a marriage, the separating couple will have to decide on several final arrangements. Divorce negotiations in New York typically revolve around asset division, child custody, child support and alimony. One new change in the tax code has created a stir because it may have effects on how divorces are settled from now on. 

Previously, when a divorced couple reached an alimony agreement, the person who paid the alimony was able to deduct those funds from his or her income tax. The person who received the payment would claim the funds as income. This resulted in a situation where the person paying felt like they were able to offer a more generous sum because the tax break reduced their tax burden. The other person paid tax, typically at a lower bracket, and was able to keep more of the funds. 

Benzino's paternity lawsuit dismissed

The same chemistry that can result in passion between two people can also result in bitterness when the relationship ends. Unfortunately, many couples also share children who may get caught in the middle. Parents who secure the right advice from their respectve New York family law attorneys may be able to form an amicable co-parenting agreement, but some cases are more difficult. Two "Love and Hip Hop" reality television stars have recently had some legal battles, including a paternity lawsuit.

Benzino and his former ex-finance Althea Heart have not had a good end to their relationship. After their relationship ended, Heart accused Benzino of various forms of abuse. She claimed he threatened her, held her against her will, was violent in front of their kids, stalked her and threatened to take away her son. Apparently, after begging, a judge granted Heart's request for a restraining order. Benzino was ordered to remain at least 500 yards away from Heart.

Out-of-court child custody agreements: Why you want one

It's only natural for spouses to have disagreements regarding their divorce processes. When these disagreements extend to child custody, however, things can get heated fast.

Imagine one spouse wants to have full custody and won't budge on the matter. The other spouse could become terrified of losing time with his or her kids. This terror may end in long, drawn-out and contentious court proceedings. Since no one wants a result like this, spouses are usually able to come to some kind of an out-of-court child custody agreement.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa finalize divorce settlement

Sweethearts Tarek and Christina El Moussa won America over on their popular HGTV show "Flip or Flop" as they remodeled one home per show as a couple. Unknown to many viewers, the couple was experiencing marital strife behind cameras. Some New York residents may be interested to learn that the couple recently finalized their divorce settlement.

In January 2017, Tarek filed for divorce from his wife Christina. The divorce filing followed reports of the couple's earlier separation. Reportedly, the couple's marriage came to a halt after an argument that resulted in police involvement. Details are not clear, but authorities reportedly removed weapons from the home following the incident. Christina took eight months to make an official legal response to Tarek's divorce filing.

"Real Housewives" star Shannon Beador seeks alimony in divorce

Prior to marriage, many couples in New York do not realize how intertwined their finances may become over the years. Separating finances in a divorce can be difficult and intimidating for either spouse, especially for a spouse who generates less income in the marriage. Reality television star, Shannon Beador, has reported concern about her finances in comparison to her soon-to-be ex-husband and is planning to seek more support in their upcoming spousal support hearing.

Shannon and David Beador are known for Shannon's appearances on the reality television show "The Real Housewives of Orange County." The end of their 17-year-marriage apparently began two years ago when David confessed to an affair with a married family friend. The couple shares three teenage daughters, two of whom are twins.

Blake Griffin wants to establish paternity of his children

Child support and child custody are often issues between non-married couples as well as those who have ended a marriage in New York. To begin the process of custody for male parents, paternity must be officially established. Blake Griffin recently filed for paternity of his two children as he and his former fiancé began custody discussions.

Last fall, Los Angeles Clippers basketball player, Blake Griffin, publicized his relationship with Kendall Jenner, complicating the relationship with the mother of his children and former fiancé, Brynn Cameron. Although Griffin and Cameron ended their relationship, she reportedly remained in the house they shared until his relationship with Jenner began to develop. Once the relationship was established, Cameron moved out of their home, and Griffin began to explore custody arrangements. 

Audrina Patridge's husband requests joint custody of daugther

More New York divorced couples are choosing to co-parent their children. When an amicable agreement can be made between couples, it usually is in the best interest of their children. Unfortunately, some couples struggle to reach an agreement, and the resulting divorce process can be complicated. Audriana Patridge recently filed for divorce from her husband, Corey Bohan, and he has countered by requesting joint custody of their 18-month-old daughter.

Less than a year following their destination wedding in Hawaii, Patridge accused her husband of emotional and violent attacks. The details of the alleged abuse have not been made public. She quickly followed the accusation by securing a restraining and child abduction prevention order as well as filing for divorce. Patridge stated the restraining order was needed because she was unsure how Bohan would react to her request for a divorce.

How to deal with the pyschological effects of divorce

Divorce is often a very difficult process. In general, it is the end of the life you have been living for many years and the beginning of something new. Dealing with such a drastic change is hard for most people and takes a toll both emotionally and financially. For example, having to make decisions regarding what to do with your home in Brooklyn will probably trigger any number of emotions.

The psychological effects of divorce might last for months or even years. However, by understanding some of these challenges, you can equip yourself to better deal with them. Below, we explore some of the psychological effects of divorce and how you can cope with them.

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