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Family working with Brooklyn family law attorneyAt Arnel Law Firm, our Brooklyn family law attorneys are focused on providing skilled family law representation for people in the five boroughs of New York City and all the surrounding areas. With more than 40 years of combined experience handling the full scope of family law issues, Brooklyn family lawyers Curt and Lauren Arnel understand how to resolve the numerous challenges that may arise in these cases.

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What Is Family Law?

Family law is an area of the law that covers family matters and domestic relations. Most family law issues are centered around divorce and issues related to divorce such as the division of marital property, child custody, child support, and alimony.

Family law can also encompass adoptions, prenuptial agreements, and protective orders.

What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

A family law attorney represents clients in a divorce proceeding or another family-related matter providing legal support, advocacy, and guidance. A family lawyer can also help you enforce or modify a family law court order or assist you in the event you or your child are suffering from domestic abuse and require an order of protection.

Due to the personal nature of this type of law, family lawyers must help their clients through some of the most emotional and difficult movements of their lives. They are there to support their clients navigate these issues with guidance.

Types of Family Law Cases We Handle

At Arnel Law Firm, our family lawyer in Brooklyn carefully crafts legal strategies that are personalized to suit each client's unique situation. Our family law services are designed to advance your interests and protect your rights.

Let our Brooklyn family law attorney help you with your case involving:

  • Divorce — Whether you and your spouse agree on the terms of your split or need help with contested matters, we can help you pursue the best possible outcome.
  • High-asset divorce — Divorce that involves significant assets can become complex. That is why it is so important to have an experienced family law attorney like ours to handle such issues.
  • Child custody and visitation — Our family lawyers are committed to protecting your relationship with your child whether you expect to be the custodial parent, or you want to ensure proper visitation time.
  • Child support — We ensure that support payments are fair and fit your financial situation.
  • Spousal support — Arnel Law Firm can provide the necessary information to reach a fair agreement on payment amounts and the length of time that alimony is paid.
  • Property division — Because New York's "equitable distribution" laws aren't as straightforward as they sound, an experienced Brooklyn family law attorney is critical to protect your best interests.
  • Complex property division — Mr. Arnel's in accounting and finance allows him to understand detailed financial reports, business ledgers, and more.
  • Modifications — Our Brooklyn family lawyers can petition the court for revised child support, custody, or visitation arrangements if changed circumstances warrant it.
  • Parental relocation — We can assist a custodial parent who needs to move away due to a new job or for other reasons. We can also help a parent block the other one from moving away with the children.
  • Parental alienation — Arnel Law Firm can take legal action if one parent attempts to alienate a child against the other parent.
  • Orders of protection — We seek protection for victims of domestic abuse and fight false accusations of domestic violence.
  • Grandparents' rights — We can help grandparents maintain strong relationships with their grandchildren or petition the court for legal custody if both biological parents are unfit or unable to provide a safe environment.
  • Enforcement of orders — We can help you petition the court if support or visitation decrees are not being followed, including back child support and violations of court orders.
  • Child abuse and neglect — Our family lawyers in Brooklyn assist parents when a child is put in a dangerous living situation and defend parents against false accusations of abuse.
  • Paternity — Arnel Law Firm can help establish an individual as a child's father for purposes of support or visitation rights or defend against a paternity case.
  • Prenuptial agreements — Protecting individual assets that are brought into a marriage is a wise idea for individuals with substantial wealth or small-business owners, and those with children from prior marriages or relationships.
  • Divorce-related tax issues — Mr. Arnel ensures the most effective structure in various agreements is used to minimize tax consequences.
  • Family court — Our family law attorneys in Brooklyn tackle legal matters that affect the lives of children and their parents, including child abuse and neglect, custody and visitation for unmarried parents, foster care, and paternity.
  • Same-sex relationships — We handle issues involving children, property, and support for LGBT couples.
  • Annulments — Talk to us about your situation and we can determine whether an annulment is an option for you.
  • Mediation and collaborative divorce — Mediation is a means of resolving divorce issues and avoiding litigation that can save both time and money.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney?

When it comes to family law matters, you deserve to consult with a lawyer who will provide you with the best representation possible while also approaching your case with compassion and care. Family law cases can take an emotional toll on everyone involved, which is why it is imperative to ensure you hire a reputable lawyer you can trust.

Here are some additional benefits to hiring a family law attorney:

  • Provide you with legal support

A family law attorney has years of experience working within this area of the law. He/she has made a career out of learning the law, keeping up with changes, and understanding how certain family laws affect a case. This knowledge and experience is beyond valuable.

Additionally, with years of experience working on a variety of family law cases, your family lawyer has come across other cases like yours. He/she can provide you with advice, support, and knowledge that will best fit your situation. If you require legal representation in court, such as in a contested divorce proceeding, your lawyer will be able to advocate for you and help you secure a favorable outcome.

  • Ensure you have the proper documents and file them correctly

You could make a costly mistake by forgetting to file certain documents with the court or accidentally filing them incorrectly. There is also the possibility you could get confused by the instructions on a document and make a mistake that could affect your divorce settlement or child custody case. A family law attorney can help you with your paperwork to ensure you understand what is asked of you and file it correctly and on time.

Family law matters can be stressful, which is why hiring an attorney is beneficial. You can focus more on the issue at hand, while your lawyer helps you with the logistics.

  • Represent your best interests in the courtroom

When it comes to litigation, you will want to be prepared. The best way to set yourself up for success is to hire an experienced lawyer. He/she will have the insight, experience, professionalism, and skillset to implement the right strategies to overcome an opposing attorney.

If you are seeking a divorce and dealing with an uncooperative spouse, litigation could be overwhelming for you. A lawyer can handle the case on your behalf and protect you in the event your case gets contentious.

Our Brooklyn Family Law Attorneys Are Ready to Help

Our priority is to put each client in the best possible position following their family law case. We take the time to understand your unique situation and talk through all your options before creating a legal strategy that suits your objectives. Contact us for a free consultation.

Start with a free consultation with our Brooklyn family lawyer who can assess your situation and recommend the next steps to take. Call 718-550-3024 now.

Our Clients' Stories

  • “Mr. Arnel thank you very much for your help. When I received the court paper I wanted to call someone for help, you were the first Lawyer I call. You had help me before with some child support ...”

    - J.M.
  • “Excellent law firm. I am a father/service member that was awarded primary physical custody, final decision making of my son, and my child support payments was terminated thanks to Arnel law Firm. ...”

    - M.D.
  • “Mr. Arnel and his daughter Ms. Lauren Arnel litigated my divorce jurisdiction dispute with complete success. I felt very confident in their advocacy of my case. Mr. Arnel is a gifted attorney; I could ...”

    - Rachel A.
  • “I was extremely devastated when I reached out to the law office due to concern over a potential custody battle. I left a message and was contacted the same day and time that I was given. Curt was so ...”

    - Former Client
  • “If you are looking for a attorney that's very knowledgeable in his practice definitely speak with Curt Ariel. He's open and honest. Mr. Ariel answered all of my questions and I feel better about ...”

    - S.D.

Why Hire Arnel Law Firm?

  • Personalized solutions for you.

    Every case has its own unique circumstances that requires a methodical, thoughtful plan.

  • Protect your assets and future.

    Safeguarding your best interests is always at the forefront of our approach to your case.

  • Experience makes the difference.

    No matter how simple or complex your case, experience is essential in obtaining results.

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