How Does Money Affect Your Decision to Divorce?

Couples in New York who are of a high-net worth may be at greater risk for divorce. A number of factors may determine the chances of a couple staying together, and money can even be a factor in how amicable the divorce proceedings are.

CNBC argues that rising incomes and good economic times often lead to higher divorce rates, and there are various reasons for this. In marriages in which one spouse makes the money and the other stays home, there may be resentment over the financial disparity. Even if both spouses work, one of them may work long hours or travel frequently, which can cause issues. Credit scores also seem to play a part in divorce, as couples with a large mismatch in scores often do not make it together past five years.  

Another possible reason for higher divorce rates among the wealthy is for some, the monthly expenses match or exceed the high monthly income. This causes strain and stress around maintaining a lavish lifestyle and this can break down a relationship over time.

The Business Insider agrees that wealthier couples may divorce more frequently due to money, but the couple's worth can make a difference between a contentious divorce and an amicable one. It is possible that those with a net worth of between $1 and $5 million fight more about money because there is insecurity around finances. In contrast, couples who are worth $5 million or more seem to fight about money less, so if they break up the process is more cordial.