Child Support Issues in New York

Parents on either side of a child support case can face unexpected challenges and questions about their situations. It is important to have reliable insight into the matter, and legal counsel is often helpful in determining how to proceed in response to the circumstances. It is important to understand that New York law emphasizes the responsibility of a parent to financially support a child until the age of 21 regardless of living arrangements or custody.

Support amounts can seem complicated. If you are responsible for paying child support, you may wonder about the computation used to determine your financial obligation. If you are the custodial parent who will be receiving support payments, you may worry that the amount ordered will be insufficient or that non-payment might occur. Child support includes cash payments that are determined based on parental incomes and the specific needs of the child or children in question. Additionally, health insurance, health care costs, child care, educational and extracurricular needs may be considered in the determination of support. The court makes its computation based on the adjusted gross income of the parent, and a tiered percentage guide determines how much is to be paid.

Non-payment can create frustrations for either parent. The individual receiving support can face an unexpected shortfall, resulting in an inability to adequately care for a child. In cases of ongoing failure to pay, you may need to seek enforcement by contempt or wage garnishment. If you are a parent who has lost a job and cannot meet your support obligation, a modification may be necessary. In either case, experienced representation can be important for effectively addressing your concerns.

Working with an experienced lawyer may allow you to act quickly and confidently to deal with changes or problems in connection with these types of matters. For more information, please visit our child support page.

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