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October 2012 Archives

After divorce living quarters: Co-op versus condo

Tens of thousands of New York City residents live in housing cooperatives. Co-ops residents carry a stake in the apartment property with saleable shares and membership obligations and rights. Co-op boards must approve buyers, which can be tricky situations for people who have just gone through a divorce.

How no-fault and the economy affect a New York divorce

The only way to divorce in New York two years ago was to place blame on a spouse. The October 2010 addition of no-fault divorce to the actions involving inhuman treatment, cruelty, abandonment or adultery gave more unhappily married couples a less contentious and often less expensive way to divorce.

Lesbian who adopted girl wins custody dispute against bio-mom

The same-sex parents of a New York girl had a six-year relationship but were not married. One of the women is the child's biological mother, while her former partner adopted the little girl. The women have been embroiled in a child custody battle since the couple's breakup in 2010.

Seeing divorce as a change rather than a failure

Experts are wondering if the state of New York, as well as general public opinion, needs an attitude adjustment toward divorce. Marital splits are often perceived as failures at a time when divorce has replaced death as the most likely outcome of marriage, according to a Northwestern University psychologist.

Coping with the fears of single parenting after divorce

Fear of future difficulties can crop up during the intensity and often unpleasant heat of a divorce action. Soon-to-be ex-spouses ask themselves how hard it will be to manage co-parenting, finances and a host of other single-life issues after divorce.

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