Randy Jackson in 22-Year-Old Paternity Quagmire

The rich and famous are frequent targets of paternity and child support actions. Wealth and celebrity are not prerequisites for defendants in paternity lawsuits, however, they can provide motives for one person to take another to court.

Most New Yorkers would not be considered as famous as the brother of a pop icon. Randy Jackson cannot escape fame by association with his late brother, singer Michael Jackson. Randy Jackson is denying that he was aware of a paternity lawsuit filed more than 20 years ago by his ex-wife.

Randy Jackson asked a court to dismiss a 1990 default judgment that Jackson said he did not know existed until 2008. An attorney for ex-wife Alejandra Jackson says her client filed a paternity action over the couple's child, Genevieve, in the summer of 1989.

Jackson said he did not respond to a petition because the Jackson 5 singer claims he never received court notification about the lawsuit. A family court apparently determined that Jackson was Genevieve's father and owed Alejandra Jackson $1,200 a month in child support.

Randy Jackson says he learned of the judgment in 2008 when child support enforcers attempted to take money from his bank account. Jackson also says his ex-wife never mentioned the judgment.

Alejandra, Genevieve and another child of Jackson's ex-wife resided at the Jackson family compound for 19 years. Randy Jackson claims he has legal documents that show he and his ex-spouse agreed to the free living arrangement in 1993 in lieu of child support for Genevieve.

Jackson's daughter, her mother and brother, left the Jackson family home in 2011 after Alejandra's youngest child reached age 18. Genevieve is 22. Alejandra was also once married to Jermaine Jackson, Randy and Michael Jackson's brother.

Child support collectors have taken $5,000 from Randy Jackson's bank account for unpaid child support.

Courts are wrangling over whether the case is a civil matter or an issue for family court. A decision about jurisdiction will be made in early August.

Source: wavenewspapers.com, "Judge delays hearing in Randy Jackson paternity case," June 25, 2012