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October 2016 Archives

Divorce may have serious impact on older women in New York

Going through proceedings to end a marriage can have varying impacts on the parties involved. Age, gender, income level and many other factors could affect how New York residents and other individuals fare when it comes to their divorce cases. In particular, older women could be more negatively affected than their male counterparts, especially when it comes to finances. 

New York residents may have concerns regarding asset division

Dividing property can be a complicated affair for individuals who are getting divorced. Because laws often differ from state to state, it is important that individuals understand how their cases may be handled. In New York, equitable distribution is utilized for asset division, which means that courts are focused on dividing property as fairly as they see fit. 

Study digs into importance of parents: 3 takeaways for those going through divorce

An anthropologist and emeritus professor of education and human development at Harvard University recently published a book digging into the importance of parents. It examines parenting styles from different cultures around the world. The book, reviewed by The Atlantic, provides a number of interesting takeaways for parents in all walks of life.

New York residents may have options for addressing child custody

Many New York residents may have a difficult time when it comes to family issues. Divorce and child custody can cause parents to worry a great deal about the well-being of their children, and sometimes, those parents may not know how to address their concerns. If disagreements relating to custody arise between the parents, there are multiple legal avenues that could help them reach an accord. 

Cobain spousal support order may interest New York residents

When it comes to alimony, many New York residents may assume that ex-husbands will be required to make payments to their ex-wives. However, determining spousal support can hinge on a variety of factors pertaining to specific cases, and there are instances in which an ex-wife could be obligated to make support payments to an ex-husband. This type of situation is currently taking place with Frances Bean Cobain. 

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