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July 2016 Archives

New York residents may have different options for divorce

When going through divorce, there are different ways that New York residents could approach their cases. Some individuals may wonder whether they could handle the proceedings entirely on their own and others may want to know more about the different types of legal assistance available. Of course, the specific details of each divorce may be factors in deciding the best routes to follow.

What Does Relocation Mean To A Child After A Divorce?

If you are considering relocating as a custodial parent or you are facing the possibility of your child being moved away from you by the custodial parent, you certainly have your own perspective on the matter. How a relocation fits in with your life logistically and emotionally are issues that you have probably thought about a lot. But, what will the impact be on your child if he or she has to relocate? How will that affect your child? What issues are going to be important to him or her?

Divorce settlement terms could affect New York residents' lives

Many New York residents may view the final steps toward the end of their divorce proceedings as the light at the end of the tunnel. However, individuals may wish to remember that the final decisions made during divorce proceedings could have impacts for years to come. A divorce settlement may dictate what obligations ex-spouses may continue to have, and as a result, understanding that settlement may be of the utmost importance.

Types of child custody may concern New York parents

Custody is often a main concern when New York residents go through divorce. They undoubtedly want to make the best decisions possible when it comes to child custody and hope that the court helps in that endeavor. If individuals are uncertain about certain types of custody, becoming more informed may be wise before custody proceedings take place. 

New York divorce may be complicated by out-of-state property

Divorcing New York residents may have a lot on their minds when it comes to the various legal procedures they will likely face. Property division is often one of the more difficult proceedings to go through, and individuals may face additional complications if some of their property is in a state that differs from the one in which they filed for divorce. Of course, there are ways in which this issue can be addressed. 

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