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February 2016 Archives

New York residents may wish to prepare financially for divorce

Divorce can be a financially taxing event for anyone, including New York residents. Therefore, individuals may wish to prepare before moving forward with the divorce process in hopes of potentially lessening the financial blow. Luckily, there are options that individuals could consider that may allow them to better understand their finances and how their cases could be affected.

New York residents may be concerned with alimony, asset division

Celebrity divorce cases can become complicated, but they may also provide information for New York residents to consider in the event of their own divorces. It was recently reported that singer and actress Katherine McPhee finalized her divorce from her now ex-husband Nick Cokas. The couple had been married for six years, and it was reported that alimony and asset division have now been determined.

Some New York parents may seek child support modifications

Being required to make child support payments is an obligation that many New York residents probably face. However, some parties may have a difficult time making their child support payments due to low income, unexpected expenses or other reasons. Some individuals may be able to request modifications to their payments in hopes of making them more manageable. However, individuals who do not make their payments could face severe consequences, including jail time. 

New York residents' retirement funds may be affected by divorce

Saving for retirement is an action that many New York residents feel is responsible. Over the years, individuals may be able to accrue considerable amounts from employee retirement funds and other accounts. However, these funds could be affected during divorce, and individuals may benefit from learning how the division of retirement funds could impact them.

Four reasons to modify your child custody and support arrangements

Although it may have been a struggle to get your child custody or child support agreements finalized, the fact remains that as circumstances in your life change, you will inevitably need to make post-judgment modifications to your child custody, visitation and support arrangements.

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