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November 2015 Archives

New York child custody litigation could take emotional toll

It is no secret that many New York parents love their children and hope to do what is best for them. However, when those parents go through divorce, they may have a more difficult time determining what may be best for themselves and their children. As a result, a child custody conflict could arise, and parents and children alike could face emotional hardships.

Losing steam could cause hasty divorce decisions in New York

Going through divorce can be a trying time in the lives of New York residents. They will likely be required to make serious decisions during the divorce process that can greatly impact their lives. Making theses choices can seem overwhelming as planning for the future is never easy and circumstances can change in an instance. Therefore, individuals will likely want to give their settlement terms the attention they deserve. 

New York business owners may be concerned over divorce

For many individuals, business ownership can be simultaneously rewarding and difficult. New York residents likely feel a sense of accomplishment when their businesses succeed, and they likely want to avoid situations in which their businesses could be damaged. As a result, parties could become understandably concerned for their businesses in the event of divorce.

Underwater mortgages and asset division questions during divorce

Since the economic downturn in 2007, we have increasingly seen a number of divorcing couples trying to get out from under an underwater mortgage. When more money is owed on the home than the property is worth, deciding what to do regarding this debt becomes a major factor in property division questions. Often couples choose to simply sell the home when there is no equity to split - leaving both spouses with nothing.

Expressing anger may not help New York divorce cases

While going through divorce, New York residents may experience various emotions. While these feelings are not necessarily uncommon, parties may wish to ensure that they are able to reign in their anger or other negative emotions in order to proceed more quickly and smoothly. If an individual holds on to anger to use against his or her spouse during divorce proceedings, the case could become prolonged.

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