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October 2015 Archives

New York residents may consider divorce mediation

Divorce is a considerable step to take for many New York residents. As such, they will likely want to explore their options to ensure that they understand how their divorce proceedings may be handled. Litigation is likely what comes to mind when individuals think of divorce, but there may be another option to consider that could be more beneficial than originally thought.

A controlling spouse may make New York divorce difficult

It is not uncommon for relationships in which one spouse is overly controlling to end in divorce. Some New York residents may choose to end their marriages due to narcissistic spouses that make the relationship difficult. However, those individuals likely also know that a party who is controlling during the relationship may also try to take control during the divorce process as well. 

What to consider when moving the child out of state

Family courts have gradually evolved in the manner that visitation disputes are decided. With the increase in the numbers of single parents, it's become common for children to grow up a substantial distance away from the non-custodial parent. Obviously this raises concerns that the non-custodial parent will lose access and may otherwise lose touch with the child.

Finances may worry New York residents during divorce

Many New York residents know that a divorce can disrupt many aspects of their lives, not the least of which is finances. The parties typically divide assets acquired during their marriage, and as a result, their respective financial conditions could drastically change. When working through the process of divorce, it makes good sense to be prepared and knowledgeable about all material financial issues.

Assistance may help during New York divorce conflicts

When it comes to divorce, some New York residents may feel as if the proceedings will be fraught with conflict and stress. The mindset of an individual could greatly affect how smoothly the proceedings move forward, even if another party is being confrontational. Though no one should be a push-over during the divorce process, refraining from arguing on every point may be wise.

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