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January 2012 Archives

Long Island man gets divorce from wife who claimed 2 husbands

A New York court has declared that a 37-year-old Long Island woman can keep the spousal support she has, but will not receive more. The family-law case might have gone unnoticed in the media if the woman had not claimed she married a second man before she divorced the first.

Is separation or divorce more beneficial financially?

A marital separation traditionally was used to reevaluate the future of a marriage or set the stage for a divorce. Family-law experts are seeing a trend among married couples wishing to split which may interest residents here in New York -- legal separation without divorce.

Federal tax considerations after a 2011 divorce or separation

New York residents take note; the last day of any year is the most significant for tax filing status. The married or unmarried state of an individual on December 31 determines how a taxpayer files with the Internal Revenue Service.

Child custody agreements are increasingly elaborate

Traditional child custody agreements not only here in New York, but elsewhere throughout the country, have generally used boiler plate language memorializing alternate weekends and rotating holiday schedules for custodial and non-custodial parents' visitation schedules. Now, in recent years, the newest co-parenting agreements map out more than just days and dates of visitation. Parenting plans now often address long-term plans for education and religious practices.

Borders of the heart: Queens man faces tough custody battle

Whenever family issues enter the legal arena, emotions are bound to run high. This is especially true when the stakes are elevated by complex immigration issues. These are the high stakes in a child custody case facing a family in Queens.

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