When is it Okay to Introduce My Kids to a New Partner?

Chances are, after a divorce, you will eventually start dating again. Of course, not every person you date will ultimately become the partner you are looking for, so you should be very discerning with who you invite into your home when your children are around. Introducing a new partner to your children after a divorce is a big deal, so this is not something you should rush into.

How to Introduce a New Partner to Your Kids

Companionship is important, so no one expects you to stay single forever. However, there are a lot of things to consider before introducing someone new to your children. You may even want to discuss this matter with your former spouse, so it will not come as a surprise when your children mention it.

Here are some other considerations that should factor into how and when you introduce a new partner to your children:

  • Can you picture your new partner with your family? You might have some very strong feelings for this new person, but if they are not a good fit for your life, it may not work and it would probably be best to hold off on introductions.
  • Your kids will need time to process the divorce, so if they are still trying to cope with this major life change, now might not be the best time. Once they have enough time to accept the changes and are over the initial sadness, you can start considering introducing them to your partner.
  • When you decide to introduce a new partner to your children, make sure to also give them plenty of assurance that, although there is someone new in your life, you still love them just as much as you ever did.
  • Do not put a lot of pressure on this introduction. Instead of turning it into a big event, opt for something more easygoing and casual, so your kids feel comfortable.

Even after you introduce your kids to a new partner, be careful about sleepovers. You may want to wait a bit before having your new partner spend the night immediately after this introduction if your children are home with you.

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