The Worst Things You Can Do After a Divorce

There are numerous mistakes everyone should avoid during a divorce and, surprisingly, just as many for you to avoid in the aftermath. Life after a divorce can be difficult if you do not take the right steps to transition smoothly into a life without your spouse. Avoiding some of the most common mistakes can help ensure that this new chapter of your life is better and brighter than the one before.

Post-Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

No matter how much you wanted to get divorced, adjusting to your new life can still feel a little bit jarring, especially if your marriage was particularly long.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid after the process is finalized:

  • Making spiteful comments about your ex: Just because you are now divorced, does not mean all the negative feelings you have about your former spouse will go away. However, it is important to avoid making these comments, especially if you have children. Keep it to yourself or let it all out in therapy.
  • Encouraging your children to take sides: Regardless of how you feel about your ex-spouse, you are both still parents and encouraging your children to choose a side will ultimately hurt them. The divorce itself will have enough of an impact on your kids, so do not make matters worse by turning this into a battle for their favor.
  • Not talking about your feelings: Divorce is an emotional process and it is important to process what you are feeling in a healthy way, so do not run away from what you are feeling. Consider hiring a therapist or at least consider confiding in a close friend.
  • Not taking any responsibility for the marriage’s failure: In most cases, the demise of a marriage can be attributed to a variety of factors, both partners, and even some outside forces. The fact is that it is rarely ever a simple matter. Instead of trying to blame your spouse for everything, examine what you may have done wrong and how you can rectify it in future relationships.
  • Keeping tabs on your ex-spouse: With the help of social media, it has never been easier to keep tabs on an ex. You might be curious about your ex’s dating life or maybe you just want to see if they are miserable without you. None of the reasons you may be using to justify snooping on your ex are healthy, however, so focus on yourself and move on.

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