Will My Spouse’s Affair Impact the Divorce Settlement?

Learning about your spouse’s infidelity in your marriage can be soul-crushing. While some couples are able to forgive and move past an incident like this, many others end up filing for divorce and dissolving their marriage. If you are feeling wronged, you may be wondering if your spouse’s behavior may have an influence on the outcome of your divorce settlement. The short answer is, no, an affair typically will not have a direct effect on a divorce. However, may have an indirect one, so continue reading to learn more.

The Indirect Impact of Infidelity

Despite the fact that infidelity may not have a direct impact on a couple’s divorce settlement, its indirect impact can be considerable. Conducting an affair and sneaking around behind a spouse’s back can sometimes rack up some hefty bills, especially if much of it took place in expensive hotels. Moreover, if your spouse also bought fancy presents or pricey gourmet meals to keep the illicit relationship going, the grand total may be very substantial. In all likelihood, your spouse used marital funds to accomplish this, which means you may be able to prove wasteful dissipation in court.

If you can successfully prove wasteful dissipation, a judge may award you a greater share of marital assets and property to make up for the funds your spouse spent on the affair. It may also potentially have an impact on spousal support.

Child custody may also be indirectly affected by an affair. For example, if your children were around while your spouse was having the affair, child custody may learn more in your favor. An experienced attorney can help protect your interests and secure the best results.

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