Couple's Divorce Settlement Made Public Years After Marriage Ends

Most New York couples dream of sharing a life together, a beautiful wedding day and a future family together. Most likely do not dream of a day in court arguing over finances and division of assets. For many couples, divorce court is a sad reality to the end of a marriage. Even though one couple's marriage was terminated years ago, they recently argued in court about discrepancies in their divorce settlement agreement.

Armando Montelongo and his ex-wife, Veronica became reality television stars as a result of their cable television show on A&E called "Flip This House."  The show aired for three years prior to their divorce in 2012. Until recent court hearings, their divorce settlement had remained confidential.

Veronica accused Armando of not making the last of the $147,500 in her five-year spousal maintenance payments. According to their agreement in 2012, Veronica was to be paid $250,000 a year for five years in addition to $4,000 a month in alimony payments. Veronica requested the family law court to jail her former husband and fine him a $1,000 a day until he paid. Armando did not agree with Veronica's accusations and instead claimed to have overpaid her $47,600. Another confidential agreement was made between the couple, and Armando did not have to spend a night in jail.

When couples find it difficult to remain married, it is not unusual for it to be difficult to agree on a divorce settlement. As in this case, disagreements and legal complications can last well past the official end of a marriage. Many New York spouses find it beneficial to have an attorney advocate on their behalf and advise them of the best approach to terminate his or her marriage.

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