Signs Your Marriage is Headed for Divorce

In most cases, divorce is not something that happens out of the blue and unexpectedly. There are usually signs that may indicate there is trouble and that a split is imminent. Although every couple’s situation is different and unique in its own way, there are some red flags you should look out for that often spell out disaster.

Noticing the Red Flags

No one is happy all the time in a relationship. It is natural to have arguments and disagreements, but if one of the defining characteristics of your marriage is your unhappiness, there is a major problem and a strong likelihood that you are on a path towards divorce. Feeling at peace in your relationship is crucial, so do not stay in an unhealthy situation longer than you have to.

Here are some other red flags to watch out for:

  1. Again, not everything is always sunshine in rainbows in any kind of relationship, but your interactions with your spouse should not consistently be negative or fraught with conflict. If they are, this is indicative of a bigger issue and divorce may be on the horizon.
  1. Everyone needs alone time to recharge or to just have some quiet time. However, it is a bad sign if you are always looking for reasons to avoid your spouse.
  1. Of course, you cannot live your life according to what others think because only you know what is best for you. That said, if many of your friends and family are advising you to get out of the marriage, pay attention and try to understand where this is coming from.
  1. If you have already started living like roommates, this is almost a sure sign that things are over. Living separate lives shows that there is a major disconnect in your relationship, which can be exceptionally difficult to repair.

If you notice two or more of these signs in your marriage, it is an even stronger indicator that it may be time to call it quits.

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