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What Property Is Yours To Keep In Divorce?

Like many others facing divorce, you may have serious misgivings about your financial security after your divorce is final. There are certain assets you want to keep, and you want to leave the marriage with your financial security intact. These are important goals, and while your divorce will certainly impact your finances to a certain extent, we help our clients seek a property division settlement that is fair and sustainable.

The main factor that determines what will happen to property and assets in divorce is characterizing whether a specific asset is separate property or marital property. Marital property is anything accumulated or earned over the course of the marriage, and therefore, it is subject to division. The lawyers at Arnel Law Firm can explain what qualifies as separate, how divorce affects debt and how to pursue a reasonable outcome.

We Can Fight To Keep What Is Yours

Our New York divorce attorneys understand the importance of securing a fair property division settlement. There is a lot on the line, but we can help you understand your rights regarding the following types of property:

  • Separate property: Separate property is any type of asset that is owned by one spouse. This includes property purchased before marriage and inheritance funds not comingled with marital funds.
  • Marital property: These assets include anything that one or both spouses purchased or saved during the marriage using marital funds. This can include homes, cars and even money saved in long-term savings accounts for retirement.

In divorce, there can be difficult and contentious disputes over what property is part of the marital estate and what is not. We help find reasonable solutions in complex property matters, such as dividing equity in a home, deciding which spouse keeps the house and more.

With over three decades of experience in family law, complex or particularly contentious property division matters do not intimidate us. Curt Arnel is also a CPA, and he employs his knowledge and resources to pursue the best outcome on behalf of his clients.

You Can Start With A Case Evaluation

We offer free initial case evaluations to our clients. You can meet with an attorney to discuss your case and learn about how to protect your property rights in a divorce. Call 347-966-7378 or complete the online contact form to make an appointment at our Brooklyn office.