What Are the Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce?

If you are planning to file for divorce in New York, you have the option to pursue a contested or uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce helps you avoid going to trial and allows you and your spouse, along with your respective lawyers, to address any concerns outside of the courtroom. This way, you can negotiate all matters pertaining to the dissolution of your marriage without a judge for most of the process.

Both parties must willingly enter the process of an uncontested divorce. You still need the court to approve your proposed agreement, which is especially important when you share minor children, but an uncontested divorce can simplify the termination of your marriage. If you and your spouse cannot agree on even one issue, your divorce becomes contested.

Saves You Time and Money

An uncontested divorce usually saves you significant time and you may obtain your final court order within months instead of over a year. You also get more flexibility to schedule most of the process as you negotiate outside of the courtroom, with usually only one hearing at the end of the proceedings.

In terms of expenses, you can save on legal fees as you avoid a trial and can arrange consultations with your lawyers with more leeway. For example, you may choose to only see your lawyers outside of negotiation appointments or only request their presence for specific ones.

Gives You More Control and Privacy

By avoiding a trial, you can keep your divorce negotiations mostly private, which can be more comfortable for you and your family, whether you or your spouse is a public or semi-public figure. This can empower you in advocating for yourself and your children.

Not involving a judge until the finalization of your divorce also allows you and your spouse to make decisions about property and asset division, spousal support, child legal and physical custody, child support, and any other relevant aspect of your divorce. Although a judge eventually reviews and rules over your proposed agreement, you can feel more involved in the preparation of your agreement during an uncontested divorce.

Reduces Stress

The greater autonomy and flexibility of an uncontested divorce can help you move forward with your life with more ease. Knowing you and your spouse are collaborating in finding a mutually beneficial agreement can help reduce your stress levels during this important life transition.

Being able to schedule appointments more easily can also help you focus on your job and your family while still giving enough attention to your divorce negotiations.

Sets Healthy Co-Parenting Foundations

If you have minor children, a divorce is usually a difficult situation to work through. If you and your spouse commit to an uncontested divorce, you may make the transition smoother. By modeling collaboration, you are creating healthy co-parenting foundations that can set your family up for success during and after the divorce process.

Your children see that although your marriage is coming to an end, both their parents are willing to avoid conflict and are finding fruitful and positive ways to work through difficulties. This also helps show how you both are dedicated to protecting their best interests, which is also very important when you submit your parenting plan, including custody and support desired terms, to the judge.

Hire Arnel Law Firm to Assist You During Your Uncontested Divorce in New York

At Arnel Law Firm, we want to make sure that our clients and their families secure beneficial outcomes from their divorce ruling. Although the law does not require you to hire an attorney for an uncontested divorce, it is nevertheless helpful to do so. We can address any questions you may have, and we can review the agreements you and your spouse are creating to increase your chances of obtaining the judge’s approval.

If you are unsure what type of divorce you are interested in pursuing, our attorneys can review your situation and recommend an appropriate option. While uncontested divorces have a lot of benefits, they may not be a suitable solution if your marriage has a history of domestic abuse, your spouse has unreasonable expectations, or you suspect they are hiding assets.

No matter what type of divorce you are opting for, working with a reputable lawyer can make a positive difference to ensure that the proceedings protect your rights, assets, and future. Our attorneys have extensive experience with all types of divorce, and we are here to accompany you through negotiation or litigation.

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