Can I Increase Spousal Support?

If you were awarded spousal support in your divorce and your financial circumstances changed, warranting an increase in support, you can discuss this issue with your former spouse or you can petition the court with your request. If you can achieve a resolution with your spouse, this will save you time, but you should still have a new order approved by the court instead of relying on a verbal agreement.

If you cannot resolve this matter with your ex, you can take it to court. Generally, to be successful with this request, you will have to demonstrate a substantial change in circumstances.

Increasing Your Spousal Support Payments

If you are requesting an increase in your spousal support payments in New York, you will have to meet a few requirements. Your financial circumstances must have significantly changed, at least 3 years must have passed since the order was either entered or changed, you or your ex’s income changed by at least 15%.

Here are some common situations in which a judge may grant an increase:

  • You involuntarily lost your job
  • You involuntarily had your income reduced
  • You developed an illness or disability that prevents you from working

If you were to voluntarily leave your job or take a pay cut, it is unlikely a judge would grant you increased spousal support payments. Moreover, modifications of spousal support are not automatic, so it is crucial to take legal action as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help you obtain the best results for your case.

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