How to Tell Your Children About the Divorce

One of the most difficult conversations divorcing parents will have is with their children when they break the news to them. How you navigate this moment will have a major impact on your children’s ability to cope with this process and the inevitable changes it will create in your family. Continue reading for some tips on how to get through it.

Talking to Your Children About Divorce

Children can sense when something is going wrong in their parents’ relationship, but even if they suspect your marriage may come to an end, hearing about it from you will still be a lot for them to process.

Here are some tips that can help:

  • Talk to your spouse about having this conversation together, as a team. It may be hard for you to work together, but this moment is about your children and not about how much you dislike your spouse right now. Set your differences aside long enough to talk to your children together about your divorce. It will help them feel safe.
  • Do not point fingers at each other. Your children are going to ask why you are getting a divorce, so it is important to refrain from blaming each other for it. Instead, say that marriage simply was not working. Knowing all the adult details behind your divorce will not do your children any favors.
  • Divorce can make children feel anxious and unsure of the future and they may even be concerned about their relationship with you, so be sure to emphasize the fact that you will always love them and you will both still be in their lives.
  • If you can provide some details, such as which parent is moving out and how often they can see that parent, do so. The more they know about the future, the less anxious they will be.

After this conversation, your children might not immediately have any questions for you, so try to be available to them, so you can address any concerns they have once they are able to process it more.

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