Celebrating Halloween After a Divorce

Halloween is almost here and, if you are a divorced parent, celebrating this spooky holiday may come with a few new challenges. Not only will you run into some obstacles with your ex, but the COVID-19 pandemic may affect some of the usual activities your children look forward to, such as trick-or-treating. We have some tips on how you can make this day a little less scary and a lot more fun in the aftermath of a divorce.

Making Halloween a Little Less Scary

The only scares any of us want on Halloween are from movies, costumes, or strolling through a haunted house. If you were recently divorced, however, you may end up encountering a few different scares. Generally, parenting plans address how specific holidays are to be handled, so it is likely Halloween is mentioned in yours.

Below is a list of some of the scenarios that may work for your family:

  • You and your ex may alternate who spends Halloween with the children every other year
  • If Halloween does not mean much to one of the parents, the children may spend it with the same parent every year
  • You and your ex may agree to spend Halloween together with the children every year
  • You and your ex may determine how to spend Halloween every year, according to what works best for everyone at the time

During years where you miss out on Halloween night with your kids, you can also consider partaking in some fun, spooky activities on a different day. Halloween is often treated as a month-long event. Carve pumpkins with your kids, tell each other ghost stories by a fire, or spend time helping them make a Halloween costume. Depending on how old your children are and if it is age-appropriate, you may even consider taking them to a haunted house for a few good jump scares.

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