Can I Date During My Divorce?

Finalizing a divorce does not happen overnight and, during the process, spouses may feel lonely and crave companionship. A new partner can certainly provide some immediate gratification and distract you from the problems you are experiencing and the stress of your divorce, but it can also have a negative impact on the overall process. Therefore, it is generally wise to hold off on dating until after it is finalized.

Why You Should Wait

Dating during a divorce is a bad idea for numerous reasons that go well beyond the outcome of the case. Even if your spouse initiated the divorce, dating so soon can be a huge red flag that might raise suspicions of infidelity. The last thing you want is to create an even more hostile environment, resulting in an even more heated and combative divorce, which is why it is best to wait before you begin dating or committing to a new partner.

Below are some other important reasons why you should not date during your divorce:

  • If you have children, dating so early on can create some major problems. Your children are probably having a difficult time coping with the news of your split and need all the support and attention you can provide. If you are focusing too much of your time on dating or with someone new, they may feel neglected and resent you for it. Moreover, they may not be able to develop the effective tools they need to process this major life event without your guidance.
  • Divorce can take a massive toll on those involved, so it is often best to take some time to reflect and recover from this major event. Dating before you give yourself the space to heal can have a negative impact in all areas of your life, including any new relationships you attempt to foster. Before you open up any new chapters, close the one you are currently in and be patient.

Being alone is not easy, but taking this time away from the dating world can help ensure a better future once you begin your search for a new companion.

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