Is My Spouse Having a Cyber Affair?

Social media is supposed to bring people together. While this is true in some case, many married couples experience a great deal of stress over social media. Unfortunately, it gives cheating spouses an easy and convenient way to carry out affairs, which can quickly lead to divorce. Very Well Mind explains some of the more common indications that a spouse is having an online affair. 

The biggest indication is more time spent on the computer or phone. While many people are quite attached to their mobile device, with an online affair the behavior often changes suddenly. You may also find that your spouse is password-protecting devices or deleting browsing history frequently. Again, this isn't always an indication of infidelity. But these behaviors raise red flags when they seemingly come out of nowhere. 

There are also more subtle signs that cause worry. For example, your partner may stay up later than usual, or get up early to get online before anyone else in the home is awake. Responsibilities may also fall by the wayside. Because your spouse is consumed by the online affair, he or she might neglect household chores, child-rearing, or even job duties. When it comes to social obligations involving you, cheating partners tend to show little or no interest. 

When calling a person out for these behaviors, excuses and rationalizations are quite common. Your partner may also get extremely defensive about changes in behavior, and even attempt to blame these changes on you. Your partner may blatantly lie about your suspicions, which can be extremely disheartening. In this case, you must decide the best option for you and your marriage. Many people find infidelity to be a deal breaker issue, which would mean divorce might be the most reasonable action to take.