Personality Changes and Divorce

Marriages end for an array of reasons, but some can be more difficult to explain and less evident. For example, someone who has been subjected to domestic violence may understandably want to move on in their life and take steps to prevent additional abuse. Or, someone who has been cheated on may no longer wish to remain in the marriage. However, some people may also file for divorce because their marital partner is not the same person as a result of personality changes.

Someone’s personality may change for various reasons, whether they develop a substance abuse disorder, experience some sort of trauma or struggle with the consequences of a brain injury. They may become excessively angry or become difficult to be around, and these changes can spell disaster for the future of a relationship. In some cases, counseling and other strategies are able to address unhealthy behavioral changes, but some people will never be able to recover from certain issues or restore feelings of love in their relationships.

If your spouse seems like a different person and you are determined to divorce, it is vital to be prepared for what you may encounter as you move ahead. You should familiarize yourself with the process of divorce and different legal issues that may come up. For example, if you have kids it is important to think about child custody and look into child support issues. Divorce can be straightforward and relatively smooth, or it can be very contentious. Either way, people should not feel as if they are stuck in a marriage that they no longer want to be a part of.