Audrina Patridge's Husband Requests Joint Custody of Daughter

More New York divorced couples are choosing to co-parent their children. When an amicable agreement can be made between couples, it usually is in the best interest of their children. Unfortunately, some couples struggle to reach an agreement, and the resulting divorce process can be complicated. Audriana Patridge recently filed for divorce from her husband, Corey Bohan, and he has countered by requesting joint custody of their 18-month-old daughter.

Less than a year following their destination wedding in Hawaii, Patridge accused her husband of emotional and violent attacks. The details of the alleged abuse have not been made public. She quickly followed the accusation by securing a restraining and child abduction prevention order as well as filing for divorce. Patridge stated the restraining order was needed because she was unsure how Bohan would react to her request for a divorce.

The 35-year-old father has denied all abuse claims by Patridge and has requested joint legal and physical custody. As part of his requests, he has requested that Patridge pay him alimony. Patridge stated that she and her daughter have been staying with her parents since the separation from her husband.

The best possible outcome for any end of marriage is an amicable split and separation, especially when children are involved. Unfortunately, the pain usually involved can make the process difficult for many.  New York family law attorneys can assist spouses on either side of an argument and advocate for sole or joint custody as the parent believes necessary. Additionally, some parents find the need to revisit and amend custody agreements post-divorce as life circumstances may necessitate assistance from attorneys after the final decree has been entered.

Source: People, "Audrina Patridge Choosing to Strive for Forgiveness amid Divorce", Natalie Stone, Jan. 1, 2018