"Real Housewives" Star Shannon Beador Seeks Alimony in Divorce

Prior to marriage, many couples in New York do not realize how intertwined their finances may become over the years. Separating finances in a divorce can be difficult and intimidating for either spouse, especially for a spouse who generates less income in the marriage. Reality television star, Shannon Beador, has reported concern about her finances in comparison to her soon-to-be ex-husband and is planning to seek more support in their upcoming spousal support hearing.

Shannon and David Beador are known for Shannon's appearances on the reality television show "The Real Housewives of Orange County." The end of their 17-year-marriage apparently began two years ago when David confessed to an affair with a married family friend. The couple shares three teenage daughters, two of whom are twins.

Through various hearings, Shannon has requested that David pay her legal fees in the amount of $25,000. She has requested the amount because she claims that he makes as much as five times as her income from the reality television show. She has also made requests for David to be responsible for all the college tuition for their girls. The couple's spousal support hearing is scheduled for the end of January, and reportedly, Shannon requested that David formally verify his income.

Amidst the pain, betrayal and anger that couples may experience through the divorce process when one party has cheated, many may not realize all areas that need to be addressed to formalize a divorce. New York family law attorneys can review finances of both spouses to suggest an approach to negotiations. Many spouses also find it comforting to know that attorneys can continue to assist with any concerns that arise after a divorce is finalized.

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