Mark and Alison Pincus Facing Divorce, Prenup Issues

The complications that may arise when a couple decides to end their marriage depends on their specific factors. When the situation is a high-asset divorce, individuals could face issues regarding property division, prenuptial agreements or a variety of other aspects. New York residents may be interested in one complex case currently taking place in another state.

Reports stated that Mark Pincus and his wife Alison Gelb Pincus have substantial assets and personal aspects to handle in the course of their divorce. The successful business people have billions between the two of them, as Mark is the founder of Zynga and Alison co-founded a company that sold for millions. Additionally, the couple have three children and are apparently looking to obtain joint custody. 

However, Alison is asking that the couple's prenuptial agreement be nullified. It was unclear exactly which details of the prenup she feels no longer should apply, but it apparently has to do with the fact that her husband's net worth significantly increased during their marriage. It was noted that Mark Pincus is unwilling to pay for his wife's attorney fees. 

Going through a high-asset divorce may bring about complications related to prenuptial agreements, as with this case, or any number of other specific circumstances. If New York residents believe the ending of their marriage may become complex, they may wonder the best manner in which to approach their cases. Luckily, interested individuals can gain assistance from their legal counsel who could provide useful information on options and planning for potential complexities.

Source:, "Zynga billionaire Mark Pincus embroiled in big-money divorce", Emily Smith, March 30, 2017