"X Factor's" Cowell Named in Friends' Manhattan Divorce

Why would a New York spouse file for an at-fault divorce when no-fault divorce is less stressful? Some advisers suggest angry spouses want a public display of marital wrongdoing. That could be why Andrew Silverman cited adultery in a divorce petition against his wife, Lauren.

Friends said Silverman was blindsided by news the child his wife is carrying was fathered by wealthy television executive and personality, Simon Cowell. Rumors of the Silverman's estrangement before the Cowell affair apparently were not true. Cowell was named in the divorce papers filed in July.

Simon Cowell could be called to court to testify about his involvement with Lauren Silverman. A judge may want "The X Factor" producer's financial details - Cowell's net worth is estimated at $350 million - and his DNA to prove or disprove paternity.

Some legal experts say Andrew Silverman wants a massive settlement to let Lauren and Cowell off the hook.

Cowell has known and kept company with the Silvermans, the parents of a 7-year-old boy, for several years. During that time, Cowell was accompanied by a date and a woman who later became the television mogul's short-term fiance.

Lauren left the couple's Upper East Side residence in June to live in a Bridgehampton beach home with her son. Andrew's friends claim "gold digger" Lauren became pregnant on purpose.

Adultery is one of six grounds for an at-fault New York divorce. The others include divorce following a minimum legal separation period and spousal imprisonment, abandonment or cruelty. Andrew Silverman will obtain the divorce only when he can prove the charge he's made.

Before New York adopted no-fault laws, couples had no choice but to bring blame into a divorce. The options for a fault divorce still exist for spouses who honestly feel that route is unavoidable.

If you are contemplating a divorce, contact an experienced New York divorce attorney. A consultation with an attorney will help you decide whether an at-fault divorce is warranted in your situation.

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