Representing Business Owners During Asset Division

After spending your time, money and energy building your business or professional practice, you have every right to feel anxious about what will happen to it during your divorce. The division of assets during a divorce often means the end of a business, and the advocacy of a skilled and experienced attorney is critical to prevent this from happening.

Arnel Law Firm knows that protecting your business is important to you. We have decades of experience helping New York business owners and professional partners find ways to resolve asset division conflicts while preserving their commercial interests. Your business is more than just an asset; it is your livelihood and a major personal achievement. Let us represent your interests and help ensure your divorce settlement does not harm your most treasured asset.

A Fair Valuation

During asset division, your business will be valuated to ensure you and your spouse receive a fair portion of the marital property. Valuation is a complex undertaking and involves more than just counting profits and inventory. It is also a delicate balancing act that requires skill and precision. An overly high appraisal of your business may mean your spouse receives an unfair portion of the value of the business, thereby possibly jeopardizing it.

Attorney Curt Arnel spent years as a CPA before beginning his practice of law. He knows what is at stake for you, and he will work to help you find a solution that will maximize the chances of keeping your business in operation if that is your objective.

Options For Protecting Your Professional Efforts

Our founding lawyer brings his knowledge and training in the matters of finance to the assistance of entrepreneurs and professionals when their businesses are on the table in a divorce settlement. It is not always necessary to liquidate the business to achieve a fair asset division. With an extensive financial background, our law firm has assisted business owners in negotiating with their spouses for similarly valued assets in order to preserve the business.

Find Out How We Can Help

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