What to Know About Parental Alienation

Child custody cases can involve a lot of stress and conflict, whether they are due to a divorce, a legal separation, or a paternity case. In certain situations, parental alienation can cause additional problems. This happens when your co-parent negatively affects your relationship with your child.

Parental alienation can involve saying negative things about the other parent in front of the child, sharing lies about the other parent, or encouraging the child to limit their time and interaction with the other parent. In most cases, parental alienation is an intentional behavior although it may sometimes happen due to the child witnessing one parent’s resentment and anger towards the other. No matter the reason why parental alienation occurs, the distance it can create between you and your child can be damaging and needs to be addressed to help both your child and you.

Learning to recognize the warning signs that you are dealing with parental alienation can help you seek legal counsel as early as possible to get a professional evaluation of your situation and discuss what your options are.

Signs of Parental Alienation

  • Your child does not want to talk to you or is suddenly uncomfortable in your presence without an explanation
  • Your child says positive things about their other parent and negative ones about you
  • Your child expresses a desire to spend more time or to move in with the other parent
  • Your co-parent interferes with phone or video calls or visitation time
  • Your co-parent asks or encourages the child to choose them over you
  • Your co-parent uses the child to collect information about you

What You Should Do When Facing Parental Alienation

If your co-parent is damaging your relationship with your child, it can be difficult to defend yourself against what the other parent is making the child believe about you and your behavior. While it may be tempting to attempt to sort things out directly with your co-parent, it may only result in higher conflicts between you and your child, and you and the other parent.

Hiring an experienced family law attorney can make a positive difference in finding an appropriate solution to address the parental alienation you are dealing with. Your attorney can petition the court on your behalf to go forward with an official evaluation. This may involve appointing a psychologist or psychiatrist to assess your family dynamics and report on whether they agree parental alienation is happening.

If a judge rules that your co-parent has been committing parental alienation, you and your attorney may request a change in custody court orders, supervised visitation, or required therapeutic appointments to restore your relationship with your child.

What Factors Does a Parental Alienation Evaluation Involve?

To determine whether parental alienation is occurring, a judge and professional experts can assess multiple aspects of the situation, including:

  • Each parent’s relationship with the child over the years
  • Each parent’s potential interference with the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • Each parent’s suggestions and attempts to resolve issues in their relationship with the child and/or the other parent
  • Any history of abuse or domestic violence
  • Any proof of parental gatekeeping

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