Can My Children Refuse to Visit Me?

A lot can change after a divorce and your children may begin to act out as a result of the tension and conflict in your family due to the split. However, no matter how much your children may be acting out, your former spouse cannot allow them to refuse visitation. Legally, your co-parent must make your children reasonably available for visitation. If your ex refuses to comply with the custody order, you can take the matter to court.

What You Should Do if Your Children Are Refusing Visitation

Before taking this matter to court, you should have a conversation with your children to determine the root of the problem. If your former spouse is attempting to alienate them from you or if they are simply having a difficult time coping with the divorce, you should know about it, so you can effectively address it. If the issue is not your former spouse, ask for help, and try to tackle this obstacle as a team.

Divorce is not easy for children to deal with, so if their refusal is based on their inability to cope with the aftermath, consider taking them to a therapist, so they have a healthy outlet to work through their feelings. With time and the assistance of an experienced professional, you can help them heal.

On the other hand, if you believe your former spouse is causing the difficulties you are experiencing with your children, now would be a good time to begin documenting these incidents, such as missed visitation and all correspondence between you and your ex. You want to protect the needs of your children, but you will also need to protect your rights as a parent.

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