Movie Money Used for Child Support Payment

Most parents want what is best for their children, but some may struggle to provide what is desired by either the parent or children. Parents who are ordered to submit court-ordered child support to another parent may experience circumstances in life that can result in a struggle to make a required financial contribution. When circumstances change, parents often find the assistance of a New York family law attorney to be helpful to prevent punishment due to delinquent payments. One man in another state may spend time in jail after reportedly submitting fake money as part of his child support payment.

A county clerk was processing the father's $190 payment and noticed that one of the bills appeared to be counterfeit. The authorities were notified and collected the evidence. The case has been handed over to the prosecutor's office, and it is unknown if charges will be filed against the father. 

Although there were words on the $100 bill that marked the bill as fake, the man claims to have been unaware. The bill looked very similar to a real bill but contained the words "For Movie Production Only." Apparently, the child support payment was intended for a child shared with a girlfriend.

Every family law case is different, but no matter the circumstances, both parents likely find it beneficial to have the assistance of an attorney advising them through the process. Numerous circumstances can change throughout a child's life warranting a needed change in child support payments. New York family law attorneys are able to advise parents accordingly once a thorough review of the circumstances are made.

Source:, "Man pays girlfriend's child support with fake $100 bill, police say", Bob Johnson, Feb. 20, 2018