Benzino's Paternity Lawsuit Dismissed

The same chemistry that can result in passion between two people can also result in bitterness when the relationship ends. Unfortunately, many couples also share children who may get caught in the middle. Parents who secure the right advice from their respectve New York family law attorneys may be able to form an amicable co-parenting agreement, but some cases are more difficult. Two "Love and Hip Hop" reality television stars have recently had some legal battles, including a paternity lawsuit.

Benzino and his former ex-finance Althea Heart have not had a good end to their relationship. After their relationship ended, Heart accused Benzino of various forms of abuse. She claimed he threatened her, held her against her will, was violent in front of their kids, stalked her and threatened to take away her son. Apparently, after begging, a judge granted Heart's request for a restraining order. Benzino was ordered to remain at least 500 yards away from Heart.

Heart was also ordered not to communicate with Benzino but ignored the judge's order. Immediately following the hearing where she was granted a restraining order, she confronted Benzino outside the courtroom. As a result, she was jailed for 10 days. Benzino followed the incident by filing a paternity lawsuit requesting the court to establish that he was the biological father of his son. The lawsuit was recently dismissed because Benzino failed to appear in court for his own lawsuit.

Family law attorneys in New York are familiar with difficult paternity lawsuits and are equipped to advise for the best possible outcome of a painful situation. Attorneys are able to inform clients of the process and actions needed on behalf of the client for any lawsuit to proceed involving the care and custody of children. Family attorneys can also remain a resource for any problems or questions that may arise concerning any custody agreements.

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