Paternity Lawsuit Filed Against Miguel Cabrera

Many people in New York enjoy sharing life with another person. Unfortunately when relationships end, they can be extremely messy. When children are involved, the breakup becomes more difficult. Miquel Cabrera, a Major League baseball star, is involved in a contentious paternity lawsuit with a former mistress who claims he is the father of her two children.

Although the 34-year-old baseball player has been married for 15 years, he allegedly spent a few years with another woman. During that time, she claims he fathered her two young children. Cabrera is listed as the father on their birth certificates. Since their birth, Cabrera has apparently financially supported the children, had visitation rights and provided input on parenting decisions.

Earlier this year, Cabrera apparently helped his former mistress purchase a $1 million home, but allegedly reduced his child support payments. The former mistress has filed a paternity lawsuit, insisting that her children be afforded the same lifestyle as Cabrera's other three children that he shares with his wife. According to the child support laws in the woman's home state of Florida, and in relation to the player's $30 million annual income, the child support payments could increase from $6,200 a month to $100,000 a month.  In addition to increased monthly child support payments, the woman is seeking health insurance coverage, unpaid medical expenses, lawyer fees and back child support.

Part of Cabrera's defense in the lawsuit includes a demand for proof of paternity of both children. The lawsuit could not be settled between the two parties and will proceed further in mediation and court hearings. Not all relationships involve as much wealth, but those facing child custody and support issues in New York may find the support and guidance of a family law attorney invaluable.

Source:, "Florida woman hits Miguel Cabrera with child-support suit", Tony Paul, Oct. 13, 2017