Tyrese Gibson Rants About Child Support on Facebook

Every family in New York has its trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, some families have more arguments and disagreements than others, often resulting in the need for family law attorneys and judges to help settle the issues. Tyrese Gibson has an ongoing public dispute with his former wife concerning the custody of their daughter. He recently ranted on social media about missing his daughter and the child support payments he must now make to his ex-wife.

The actor, model and singer-songwriter's most popular role was probably his character in the "Fast and Furious"movies. His daughter is 10 years old. Tyrese's former wife, Norma Gibson, has accused Tyrese of physical abuse of their daughter. Allegedly, he beat their daughter multiple times, resulting the loss of shared custody of his daughter. 

Tyrese recently made a video plea to his ex-wife on Facebook. In the video, he begged to see his daughter, and he revealed how much he paid in child support. Tyrese claims to be paying $13,000 per month in child support. He is estimated to be worth around $10 million.

It is not uncommon for separated or divorced couples to disagree on the custody of shared children or the amount of child support likely needed. In New York, most individuals use the assistance of a family law attorney to guide them through the process. Attorneys strive to represent the client's best interests, prepared to litigate unresolved issues should a fair settlement be out of reach. They will also work to ensure that the best interests of any child involved are taking into consideration. 

Source: Newsweek, "Tyrese's Net Worth Revealed As Actor Claims He Pays $13K in Child Support for Daughter Shayla", Maria Vultaggio, Nov. 2, 2017