Kirk Frost in Paternity Battle; Woman Says He Fathered Her Child

Any parent in New York raising a child on his or her own can likely attest to the hardships that may arise. Some single parents choose to have a family court judge order that the other parent pay child support and otherwise share in the care of a child. Earlier this year, Jasmine Washington filed a paternity lawsuit against Kirk Frost, though there are unconfirmed reports the case was thrown out of court for improper service of process.

Kirk Frost stars on a popular television show, "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta."  Jasmine has apparently not hidden her belief that Frost was the parent of her child, and recently filed the petition in family court. In her lawsuit, she requested a paternity test and child support if the test confirmed that Frost was the father of her child.

Some sources indicated that Washington served the court papers well beyond the two-week deadline mandated by the court. Reportedly, the paternity lawsuit was dismissed due to the missed deadline, but Washington's lawyer denies those reports. Other rumors suggest that Washington and Frost both missed a court hearing that would have revealed the results of the paternity test and, instead, settled their case out of court. It has not been made clear if Frost is the father, and, if so, whether child support payments have been established.

Parenting is a difficult job, and any parent doing it alone may find it more difficult. Fortunately, New York family law attorneys can assist single parents in similar paternity cases. Attorneys can provide advise and support throughout the process and help a parent when court intervention is needed. Similarly, an attorney can assist those individuals facing paternity claims in order to protect their interests and pursue a fair outcome.

Source:, "Was Jasmine Washington's Paternity Lawsuit Against Kirk Frost Thrown Out of Court?", Devarrick Turner, Dec. 14, 2017