Child Abuse And Neglect

A false accusation of child abuse can be one of the most traumatic experiences a parent ever faces. When a child is in an unsafe situation, the child's best interests need to be the primary concern. As a child abuse and neglect attorney, I represent parents who need a lawyer to fight false accusations of child abuse and also represent clients in custody and visitation matters where abuse allegations are present.

Have you been falsely accused of child abuse? Retaining experienced legal representation in this sensitive matter is important. A negative outcome in court can effect your future in numerous ways, including ruining employment opportunities. Contact a child abuse defense lawyer in the five boroughs including Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and The Bronx for a no-obligation consultation. Call 347-966-7378 or 866-625-6348.

Children Should Be Raised in Safe Environments

When children are being abused, often the parents are in desperate situations involving drugs, alcohol, emotional problems, or psychological instability. Domestic violence against a partner is also a form of child abuse. Children have basic needs to be loved, feel secure, and live in safe environments. When those environments are threatened, the child may need to be removed from that situation, at least until the situation improves.

Similarly, false accusations of child abuse are also hurtful to you and to your children. These accusations can have a major impact on the rest of your life and influence the way your child is raised. What if your kids are placed in foster care and raised by a series of foster parents?

As an experienced attorney, I effectively interface with guardians, social workers, and psychologists to determine what is in your children's best interests. Having served as a court appointed law guardian for children, I am very experienced in how to best assist parents in these cases.

Contact an Experienced Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney

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