You may have heard of the legal term "annulment." This is completely different from a legal divorce or dissolution of marriage. Every state has a different set of guidelines, procedures and qualifications as to those situations in which a couple can seek an annulment. This means the marriage is "null and void" meaning it can legally be stated that the marriage never existed. Generally annulments are sought due to fraud or misrepresentation alleged by one of both spouses.

Do You Have A Void Or Voidable Marriage?

If you are seeking to dissolve your existing marriage, you may be eligible for an annulment. Find out more information about this very specific area of family law by reaching out to the Brooklyn, New York, family law firm of Arnel Law Firm. We have more than 40 years of combined experience in divorce and other family law matters. Call 347-966-7378 or 866-625-6348 to learn more in a free initial consultation.

What Situations Call For An Annulment?

Only circumstances deemed by statute can be even considered for an annulment. Remember, an annulment would make the very existence of a marriage go away, going back to the date of the marriage. This is a very important legal distinction because you can legally go forward in life (if an annulment is granted in your case) and state that you were never married. This can be very important to some people for religious, personal and other important reasons.

In New York, an individual can seek an annulment under specific grounds that include:

  • One of the spouses was already legally married to another individual at the time of the marriage
  • One of the spouses was under the age of consent
  • Fraud or misrepresentation
  • Duress or incapacitation
  • Mental illness or incurable mental illness for five years
  • Physical incapacity

In the event that you may not be able to obtain an annulment, our law firm also provides comprehensive and skilled divorce representation should you decide that you should proceed with a dissolution of the marriage.

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