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Child Custody Archives

Amicable custody approach may benefit New York parents and kids

Wanting to do right by their children is often a goal for most New York parents. Of course, because certain life events are unexpected, it is not always easy to plan for every parenting moment. One situation that can prove particularly difficult for parents to navigate is when it comes to child custody and setting an example for kids after divorce.

Child custody terms may affect parenting skills in New York

While having children can bring great joy to New York residents' lives, the idea of hurting those kids when going through divorce can be heart-wrenching. Luckily, many parents are able to come to child custody terms and learn to make their new arrangements work for them and their children. Additionally, some parents may even find they are better able to attend to their kids' needs after divorce. 

Co-parenting may be custody option some New York parents need

Being present in their children's lives is a goal of many New York parents. After divorce and child custody decisions, some parties may feel as if it is more difficult to achieve this goal. However, many parents are able to make co-parenting arrangements work in a way that allows both parents and new stepparents to have roles in their children's lives.

Formal custody arrangement may help New York parents avoid scares

Children are often the most important people in their parents' lives. However, if those parents are not married, custody issues could put a strain on everyone involved. If the parents do not have a formal custody agreement, the likelihood of complications may be high, and in some instances, the situations could escalate to a point where the authorities become involved.

Child custody complications may impact New York families

It is not uncommon for individuals to relinquish their parental rights or to have those rights taken away by the court due to legal issues. However, if those rights are unjustly taken away, a New York parent could face a difficult child custody battle in hopes of getting his or her child back. If another family has already adopted the child, the situation may prove even more tense.

Accepting custody terms may not be child's play for New York kids

Finding the right way to talk to kids about divorce may prove difficult for many New York parents. However, divorce can have as much of an impact -- if not more so -- on the children as on the parents who are ending their marriages. Therefore, individuals may wish to approach the topic of divorce and child custody in a manner best suited to their particular situations. 

Coming to custody terms may depend on certain circumstances

Understandably, going through divorce when there are children involved is stressful. Parents may wonder how their children will react and whether they will be able to reach terms with each other that are agreeable. Custody can cause much contention between the parties involved, and therefore, New York parents may wish to better understand the proceedings involved.

Holidays may cause custody concerns for New York parents

Holiday stress may affect many New York residents for various reasons. For individuals who have recently gone through divorce or are currently going through the process, figuring out the holidays as a single person may be a new venture, especially for parents. It is likely that child custody agreements will have some say in holiday scheduling, but parents could still work to make the most of the season.

Child abuse and neglect can stem from domestic violence

Children need love and nurturing to feel secure and develop the life skills they will need to form stable and functional relationships as adults. When they grow up in home environments where incidents of domestic violence occur, they lack this essential framework. But that only scratches the surface of the problem of intimate partner violence in the home.

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