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Back child support lands former NFL player Meachem in jail

It is not altogether unusual for individuals to struggle with their divorce settlements. However, if parties do not make their alimony and/or child support payments as required, serious issues could come about for everyone involved. New York residents may be interested in one case that recently resulted in a former professional football player going to jail. 

Reports stated that Robert Meachem and his ex-wife have two children, and they share custody of the kids. However, Meachem was ordered to pay child support and alimony to his ex-wife. The amount for both forms of support reportedly totaled $20,000 a month. However, the former footballer has fallen behind on those payments, and he owes approximately $400,000 in back support. 

Child custody complications may impact New York families

It is not uncommon for individuals to relinquish their parental rights or to have those rights taken away by the court due to legal issues. However, if those rights are unjustly taken away, a New York parent could face a difficult child custody battle in hopes of getting his or her child back. If another family has already adopted the child, the situation may prove even more tense.

Such a case is currently taking place in another state. Reports indicated that the custody of a 3-year-old girl was at the forefront of the matter as her biological father wanted to have the child in his life. However, while the man had been in jail, the girl had been adopted by a family who had been fostering her since she was only weeks old. 

Protecting assets is an important aspect of New York divorce

Having the right information can help New York residents work toward the outcomes they desire in a variety of situations. Divorce is once situation in which knowledge can be a valuable tool, especially when it comes to determining how such a process may affect a person financially. Therefore, individuals may wish to take necessary steps to prepare for their proceedings.

Property division can have considerable financial impacts. One step that individuals may wish to utilize is identifying which assets will be addressed during the divorce process and to whom the assets belong. Once individuals understand what may be their separate property, they can organize and work toward addressing those assets and other property that could potentially be divided.

Family home may be important aspect of asset division in New York

Many individuals often become attached to their homes because of the memories made in them. However, when a couple goes through divorce, they may have a hard time deciding what to do with that home. When it comes to addressing the house during asset division, New York residents have a few options. 

If neither individual wants to keep the home, selling the property outright and splitting the proceeds may be the most common and sensible option. Of course, the split may not necessarily be even as the terms of the divorce settlement and other property division decisions could come into play. Therefore, individuals may wish to plan ahead as much as possible in order to determine how their finances could be impacted after the house is sold. 

Might your child's other parent be abusive? Act now.

As a parent, it is always difficult to accept an unfavorable custody settlement, but that does not mean you should make concessions when it comes to your child's safety and well-being. There are a number of legitimate grounds on which to pursue a modification to your custody agreement, and chief among them is concern for your child's safety.

When a court determines a custody arrangement, it does so by examining the information at its disposal to decide which parent is able to provide the best life for the child. Often, however, this can occur on unfairly impersonal terms.

Paternity tests may help New York fathers with custody concerns

Being a father is an experience that many men enjoy. However, some individuals may not know they are fathers until a considerable amount of time after their children have been born. As a result, these individuals may have to go to considerable lengths to establish paternity and work to gain custody of -- or visitation with -- their children. 

New York residents may be interested in one out-of-state man's struggles with such an endeavor. Reports stated that the man was told by the mother of his twins that he was not their father. However, the woman did not have a paternity test done and had told other individuals that the man was the father. Now, the infant son is in the process of being adopted while the infant daughter was given to another family. 

Accepting custody terms may not be child's play for New York kids

Finding the right way to talk to kids about divorce may prove difficult for many New York parents. However, divorce can have as much of an impact -- if not more so -- on the children as on the parents who are ending their marriages. Therefore, individuals may wish to approach the topic of divorce and child custody in a manner best suited to their particular situations. 

Though it may be difficult, having open conversations about what is happening could be beneficial. Children may have many questions regarding various aspects of the situation; and, therefore, the parents may wish to both be present during the discussions if possible. The children may feel more at ease if they better understand what they could potentially expect as far as changes in the near future.

Jodie Sweetin facing child support claim from ex-husband

Divorce cases that involve children are often complicated, even after a settlement has been finalized. If there are significant changes in circumstances, child support orders issued at the time of the divorce may be ill-suited to the new conditions under which an individual may be living. As a result, some parties may wish to seek changes to their support agreements. 

New York readers may be interested in a child support conflict currently involving former child star Jodie Sweetin. Sweetin and ex-husband Morty Coyle divorced last year. At the time, it was reported that Sweetin made $4,000 a month. As a result, she was not ordered to pay child support to Coyle for their 6-year-old daughter.

New York residents may wish to explore divorce process options

Ending a marriage is a personal experience for those involved. However, during the divorce process, individuals may wish to keep more of a business-like mindset. This view may help parties work toward the end result without letting their emotions get the better of them. Divorcing New York residents may also want to find the process that best suits their circumstances.

For some parties, mediation may be the process that works for their situation. Mediation allows for the parties involved to utilize a third-party mediator to help individuals work through the negotiations needed to reach their settlement terms. This type of proceeding may suit the needs of parties who are still able to work together and compromise on the issues they may face as they end their marriage. 

Divorce and your student loans

New York spouses who have student loan debt, or spouses married to people with student loan debt, may be curious how an impending divorce will affect their educational loans.

Let's say your spouse graduated college five years ago, but her career hasn't taken off. She's still working as a barista at Starbucks with an income of about $20,000 annually. On top of that, she has $30,000 worth of student debt you have been helping her pay off. What will your financial responsibilities be after the divorce?

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