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Handelsman divorce case involves millions of dollars

While the reasons behind ending a marriage can be immensely personal, they may seem relatively simple on the outside. However, even simple-seeming reasons can lead to complex divorce proceedings. If parties have a substantial amount of wealth to address during the process, it is not unusual for tensions to run high and for disputes to come about.

New York residents may be interested in a high-asset divorce currently taking place in another state. Reports indicated that the case involves Burt and Lucille "Lovey" Handelsman, creators of a real estate empire. The couple have been married for over 65 years, and their business successes have resulted in the couple amassing a fortune of approximately $750 million, which will likely now be at the center of property division proceedings.

Contentious divorce may impact New York kids' immune systems

Most everyone understands that children suffer some type of impact when their parents' marriage ends. In many cases, the effects are minimal as parents do their best to help their kids through the process. However, some children may face lasting effects of divorce if the break up was particularly contentious and the parental relationships continued to face strain after the marriage ended.

New York residents may be interested in a recent study that indicated that adult immune systems could potentially be affected by childhood divorce. Of course, the circumstances of the divorces play a considerable role in the impact. Apparently, if parents split up and were no longer speaking to one another after the divorce, the children impacted by those divorces showed an increased likelihood of having weaker adult immune systems.

Do adult children fare better when New York parents divorce?

Deciding the best time to make a major life change can be difficult when individuals have children. When the major event is divorce, New York parents may feel particularly concerned about the best time to move forward with such a process. To some, getting the unpleasantness out of the way when the kids are young may seem appealing, while other parties may think that adult children could handle the situation better.

Though the choice to divorce is wholly up to the couple involved, considering the children's ages may be wise. Though many individuals may believe that older children have the maturity to handle such a potentially difficult event, a parents' divorce can still be hard on adult children, as they have been used to the family dynamic for longer. As a result, they are losing a constant that has been in their lives, possibly for decades.

Will your spouse's abusive behavior impact custody in a divorce?

You're considering a divorce because your spouse is physically, sexually or emotionally abusive. Maybe you have already made arrangements to leave, or maybe you're just now trying to figure out how to leave. You may feel worried about the impact the divorce could have on your children.

If your spouse is charismatic, you may worry that the courts won't side with you when it comes to custody. You are probably wondering if the courts will consider the abuse when they decide custody of your children. It's a very reasonable question, but the answer isn't very straightforward.

Which property is whose during New York asset division?

Almost everyone has heard of the saying that knowledge is power. When it comes to divorce, having the right knowledge can make a considerable difference in the outcomes of the proceedings. Asset division in particular can cause many New York residents issues if they do not fully understand what aspects could play significant roles in the process. 

For instance, if an individual does not know which assets are considered separate and which are considered marital, he or she may believe that more assets are up for division than actually are. Property obtained before marriage typically remains under the sole ownership of the original owner. Assets accumulated after marriage are considered marital assets (with some important exceptions), so despite who actually purchased the items, those assets are up for being divided equitably. 

Gray divorce may have greater financial impacts in New York

The older New York residents get, the more they likely contemplate what they will do with the rest of their lives. Because individuals over the age of 50 often begin to view life as more finite, they tend to begin to assess their lives and determine what changes could be made to help them achieve greater happiness. For some, divorce is the answer.

Many people already know that gray divorce has become significantly more common. Though ending a marriage at an older age may seem like a newer and different idea than divorcing while younger, it has many of the same issues that divorce cases for younger individuals may face. There is likely to be some emotional upset, questioning, decisions regarding living arrangements and assessment of financial impacts.

Support and attitude may impact New York divorce cases

Going through a major life change can cause many New York residents to act in ways that they normally would not. Divorce is one of those events that can cause people to feel intense emotions, and many parties often make decisions based solely on the emotions they are feeling in that moment. Unfortunately, this type of approach may not prove to be the most beneficial when it comes to ending a marriage.

Rather than giving in to spite and anger, divorcing couples should attempt to remain as adult as possible. Though it can be difficult at times to refrain from immature actions, taking the high road usually offers more benefits. If children are involved, maintaining an adult attitude about the process can help parents keep their children from feeling overburdened by the situation themselves.

Amicable custody approach may benefit New York parents and kids

Wanting to do right by their children is often a goal for most New York parents. Of course, because certain life events are unexpected, it is not always easy to plan for every parenting moment. One situation that can prove particularly difficult for parents to navigate is when it comes to child custody and setting an example for kids after divorce.

However, one man in another area believes that no matter what the situation, parents should strive to do their best for their children. The man became an Internet sensation after he posted an anecdote recounting how he still makes breakfast for his children's mother and helps them give her gifts on her birthday, even though the parents are no longer married. The man stated that he hopes to model good relationship behavior.

Are New York residents showing off with divorce selfies?

Each divorcing New York resident looks at the ending of his or her marriage in a different way. Some people may see it as the much-needed end of an era and are ready to move on, and other parties may find it to be a much more emotionally distressing event. However, it seems that a considerable number of people are falling into the former category as divorce selfies are taking off.

It was recently reported that a new trend when it comes to ending a marriage is taking a selfie, the term for a self-portrait photograph. Apparently, couples are choosing to stand together one more time in order to pose for a photo to commemorate their divorces. Some pictures show parties holding their finalization papers, and others simply express genuine sentiment over a bittersweet moment.

Stress-reducing mechanisms may offer benefits during divorce

Numerous situations in life can cause individuals to experience stress. Divorce can be particularly stressful for many people, and finding ways to handle the discomfort and toll that legal proceedings can take may not always be easy. However, New York residents may be interested in a recent study that involved writing and its impacts on stress-related health effects.

Because stress can have negative impacts on people's lives, dealing with that problem effectively could improve many individual's overall health. Certain cardiovascular effects, such as rapid heart rate and high blood pressure, can come about due to experiencing stress during divorce. The recently-conducted study found that these negative effects could be reduced if individuals use narrative writing to address their divorce cases. 

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