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Stress-reducing mechanisms may offer benefits during divorce

Numerous situations in life can cause individuals to experience stress. Divorce can be particularly stressful for many people, and finding ways to handle the discomfort and toll that legal proceedings can take may not always be easy. However, New York residents may be interested in a recent study that involved writing and its impacts on stress-related health effects.

Because stress can have negative impacts on people's lives, dealing with that problem effectively could improve many individual's overall health. Certain cardiovascular effects, such as rapid heart rate and high blood pressure, can come about due to experiencing stress during divorce. The recently-conducted study found that these negative effects could be reduced if individuals use narrative writing to address their divorce cases. 

Politics could lead to relationship splits, divorce in New York

Politics affect almost everyone in some way. Even when individuals try to stay out of political discussions, certain aspects of their lives could be impacted due to political decisions. According to recent reports, many individuals -- including New York residents -- may even end up facing breakups and divorce due to the effects politics have in their lives.

A survey was conducted by a research institution that was interested in learning more about the effects of political differences on relationships. The survey consisted of 1,000 participants -- both married and unmarried -- who were 18 years old and above . Apparently, the survey found that 11 percent of individuals ended their romantic relationship due to political disagreements. Additionally, that number doubled to 22 percent for individuals in the millennial generation. 

Financial concerns may plague older people in New York divorce

The effects of ending a marriage can be far reaching. Individuals of the baby boomer generation may find that the impacts are particularly significant, especially when it comes to finances. Because older New York residents are closer to retirement, they may have less time to generate savings to live as a single person. Additionally, divorce can result in retirement accounts being split.

In most cases, a significant reduction in income due to retirement does not negatively affect individuals in a substantial way because they have planned for this time in their lives. However, ending a marriage can easily disrupt these plans. Understanding what an individual's financial situation will look like after divorce may help to determine what he or she hope to get out of a settlement.

Child custody terms may affect parenting skills in New York

While having children can bring great joy to New York residents' lives, the idea of hurting those kids when going through divorce can be heart-wrenching. Luckily, many parents are able to come to child custody terms and learn to make their new arrangements work for them and their children. Additionally, some parents may even find they are better able to attend to their kids' needs after divorce. 

If individuals go the route of joint custody and co-parenting, they will likely have a considerable amount of continued contact with one another. Therefore, the likelihood of facing conflict could still be relatively high. However, some parents may find themselves better able to deal with conflict so that they do not spread negative issues to their children. Setting boundaries and keeping the kids as the main focus may prove useful to many individuals.

5 important points for discussion in child custody mediation

Leaving a spouse isn't an easy transition to make. When you have children, those children are impacted by the transition just as much, if not more, than the adults.

One way that you can try to make things a bit easier for the children is to try to get child custody matters settled quickly so that you can work on having a stable home. Child custody mediation is one option that might help you to get this done since it typically takes less time than waiting to battle things out in court.

Co-parenting may be custody option some New York parents need

Being present in their children's lives is a goal of many New York parents. After divorce and child custody decisions, some parties may feel as if it is more difficult to achieve this goal. However, many parents are able to make co-parenting arrangements work in a way that allows both parents and new stepparents to have roles in their children's lives.

One family in another state have recently made headlines due to their co-parenting success. Reports stated that the parents ended their marriage in 2013, and at that time, they had already had a daughter together. Though their relationship did not work out, they did not want the divorce to disrupt their parenting of their daughter. As a result, they created a co-parenting agreement.

Collaborative divorce may offer benefits in New York

For New York residents looking to end their marriages, some may hope that they are able to move through the proceedings without the need for constant conflict. If both parties involved hold this hope, they may be candidates for approaching divorce in an amicable manner. Collaborative law could allow interested parties to move forward and have more control over their process. 

Collaborative divorce continues to be a relatively under-used process. This issue may be because many parties do not know much about the option. With this method, both individuals work with their attorneys and each other in order to come to agreeable divorce settlement terms. This process does not use litigation but rather out-of-court meetings attended by all necessary parties. The emphasis is on working together to achieve a mutually satisfactory result.

Cake and divorce may become new pairing in New York

For some individuals, ending a marriage does not necessarily have to be a bad life event. Some New York residents may see the divorce as a chance to start fresh and reconsider how they would like to live their lives as a single person or with a new love. Indeed, many parties are beginning to treat this milestone as a celebration, with cake included.

It was recently reported that divorce cakes are becoming a growing trend around the world. Though this type of creation may seem like a novelty item found at only smaller niche bakeries, even larger companies have been willing to work with customers looking to celebrate the ending of their marriages with this confection. The outcomes can range from simple icing messages like "Just Divorced" or more elaborate decorations poking fun at traditional wedding cakes. 

It's never too late for a post-nuptial agreement

In the last few decades, it has become increasingly common for marrying couples to execute a prenuptial agreement. This agreement typically outlines asset division in the case of a divorce. There may be special clauses regarding marital children, as well as special considerations in case of infidelity or even infertility.

These documents help protect both spouses in case of a divorce and are more common in couples with higher assets. If you didn't execute a prenuptial agreement but have concerns about asset division, you may want to speak with an attorney about creating a post-nuptial agreement.

New York residents may face complex second divorce cases

Many New York residents who have gone through the process of dissolving their marriages were likely glad to see the proceedings end. They may have moved on with their lives and found love again only to end up in another situation where the marriage is coming to an end. Going through a second divorce can have certain complexities not faced the first time around.

For instance, if individuals had children from their first marriage, they undoubtedly created a custody agreement during the divorce. If a person married again and had more children, a new custody arrangement would come into play. However, the first custody agreement would undoubtedly need to be considered when working on terms for the second agreement. As a result, individuals may face additional complications.

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