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When and how to challenge paternity

Knowing the identity of a child's father is very important when custody matters arise in New York. A child's mother and father have rights and responsibilities concerning a child that others do not. Determining paternity may allow a father access to a child or allow a guardian to receive support from a father.

How is paternity determined through DNA tests?

DNA technology has advanced to the point where paternity testing can identify a child's father with very little error. When a couple in New York needs to determine paternity, one can compare DNA samples for similarities. DNA fingerprinting is a simple way to determine paternity, and this process involves using a restriction enzyme to cut out some sequences of DNA but not others and then compares the results. When using restriction enzymes to create DNA fragments, what is left of a child's DNA would resemble a combination of two parents' DNA.

What are the benefits of establishing paternity?

Because a child born to parents who are not married does not have a legal father, New York residents involved in such a situation may need to legally establish paternity. Some may wonder whether this is really necessary, and it is helpful to note that this effort assures a child of the same rights and benefits that a child born to married parents receives. These benefits may include having access to medical and life insurance benefits from either parent when available. Additionally, this provides a child with access to important family information related to medical issues.

NBA player files for child custody

New York basketball fans may be interested to hear that Indiana Pacer player Paul George has taken legal steps to gain sole custody of his two-month-old daughter. A prenatal paternity test showed that George is most likely the father of the child, but he has agreed to take another test to prove his paternity. If he is the father of the baby, he wishes to take care of the child without sharing parental responsibilities with the mother.

Man to pay child support despite not being biological parent

When it comes to family law, the issue of what defines a parent can often be a delicate one. Many children in New York have non-biological parent figures, whether they are adoptive parents, stepparents, legal guardians or otherwise. When it comes to matters of custody and child support though, clarity in these issues is particularly important. In one recent case, a man has found himself paying support for a child who has been proven not to be his.

Singer happy to be a father, but wants a paternity test first

For a mother, there is no question of whether a newborn child is hers or not. However, the matter is not always so straightforward for fathers. If a baby is conceived between relationships, or if a father has doubts that the child is his, DNA testing may be requested. This can be fairly important, as in New York, the issue of paternity can greatly affect a parent's rights and obligations.

Father claims mother secretly gave baby up for adoption

In New York, an unwed man who believes he is the father of a child can ensure that he has certain parental rights by registering with the state's Putative Father Registry. Depending on which form a man completes and files, he can announce his intent to claim paternity or acknowledge paternity.

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