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Posts tagged "high asset divorce"

New York Yankees GM settling divorce out of court

No-fault divorce came to New York nearly two years ago to give couples the chance to end unhappy marriages without taking or assigning blame. Brian Cashman isn't that lucky, despite being general manager of the New York Yankees. Cashman's alleged, headline-grabbing affairs are costing him an "all-his-fault" divorce.

Yahoo ex-president settles divorce after 4 years

The more marital assets a couple owns, the more likely the property will become part of a contested divorce. The financial stakes are higher in a high-asset break up. Divorce for a wealthy couple often means lengthy negotiations and multiple trips to court to resolve asset disagreements.

"Dog Whisperer" wants divorce publicity hushed

Not all divorces among the famous are uncivil affairs. Some well-known personalities enter into divorce proceedings amicably or at least without overt contention. Celebrity wealth inflates the figures at the divorce settlement table. The marriage-ending process for celebrated divorcing couples remains much the same as it does for not-so-rich, not-so-recognized marriage partners.

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