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Records and kids may be focus for New York divorce prep

Dealing with a high-conflict personality may have played a role in many New York residents choosing to end their marriages. Though the decision may have felt right in order to move on to a happier life, parties likely know that they must first get through the divorce proceedings. Just the idea of going through tumultuous legal proceedings may seem draining, but getting ready to face the necessary process may help.

Which property is whose during New York asset division?

Almost everyone has heard of the saying that knowledge is power. When it comes to divorce, having the right knowledge can make a considerable difference in the outcomes of the proceedings. Asset division in particular can cause many New York residents issues if they do not fully understand what aspects could play significant roles in the process. 

New York residents may face complex second divorce cases

Many New York residents who have gone through the process of dissolving their marriages were likely glad to see the proceedings end. They may have moved on with their lives and found love again only to end up in another situation where the marriage is coming to an end. Going through a second divorce can have certain complexities not faced the first time around.

New York residents' homes may be important part of asset division

A person's home typically acts as a place of security and comfort. Because many memories are often made in the family house, a strong attachment can commonly form to this piece of property. However, when a couple decides to divorce, the home could become a point of contention when it comes to asset division. 

Divorce: Prenups may be in New York residents' best interests

The idea of getting a prenuptial agreement may cross the minds of many New York residents who are considering marriage. However, numerous people forgo creating such an agreement due to fear that their soon-to-be spouse may be offended by the idea. Though it may be a sensitive topic to approach, individuals may wish to seriously consider such an agreement in order to prepare for the possibility of divorce.

Protecting assets is an important aspect of New York divorce

Having the right information can help New York residents work toward the outcomes they desire in a variety of situations. Divorce is once situation in which knowledge can be a valuable tool, especially when it comes to determining how such a process may affect a person financially. Therefore, individuals may wish to take necessary steps to prepare for their proceedings.

Family home may be important aspect of asset division in New York

Many individuals often become attached to their homes because of the memories made in them. However, when a couple goes through divorce, they may have a hard time deciding what to do with that home. When it comes to addressing the house during asset division, New York residents have a few options. 

Spousal maintenance may cause conflict in wealthy divorce cases

Complicated divorce proceedings could affect any couple going through the process, but individuals with considerable wealth may find themselves facing even more complexities. Spousal maintenance may be a particular point of contention as many individuals often hope to keep up the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed during their marriages. As a result, there is a chance that substantial amounts of money could be at the crux of many divorce issues.

Permanent alimony may concern New York residents

After getting a divorce, many individuals may hope to cut ties with their former spouses. However, there are many aspects that could keep individuals in contact with each other even after ending their marriage. Alimony is one issue that may leave individuals having to maintain a semblance of connection with a former spouse, and in some cases, the obligation could prove burdensome.

Divorce mediation could help New York residents stay civil

The way any situation is approached could have an impact on the outcomes. This fact may be of particular interest to individuals who are going through divorce. The methods with which New York residents approach their proceedings could set a tone for how negotiations are handled. For some individuals, mediation may be a feasible option if they hope to move forward with less conflict. 

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