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Posts tagged "Past-due child support"

Incarceration as punishment for missed child support

When a family in New York separates, the court might issue a child support order that requires one parent to pay the other a certain amount of money every month. In some cases, the amount ordered by the court may become more than the noncustodial parent can afford. Over time, the debt due to missed payment mounts, and the family court system might impose penalties.

Helping New York parents seek child support enforcement

You may be like many New York parents who are struggling with issues with your child support order. Your child may be suffering as a result of an ex-spouse who is refusing to pay support or who is having difficulty making the payments.

Child support can be deducted from Social Security benefits

New York custodial parents who are owed child support from their former spouse may be able to collect the money they need to care for their children even if the other parent's only source of income is Social Security benefits. However, the type of benefits that the non-custodial parent is receiving will make a difference in whether a garnishment will be allowed to take place.

Census data suggests moms less likely to pay child support

New York parents may be interested to learn that according to statistics from the Census Bureau for 2011, noncustodial mothers are statistically less likely to pay child support than noncustodial fathers are. While race and marital status are also factors, national the trend goes against assumptions regarding which gender is less likely to pay child support.

Child support debt for former New York Yankee is $276K

Danny Tartabull was in his prime as a professional baseball player during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The right fielder played for a string of teams, including the New York Yankees. The athlete retired from Major League Baseball in 1997 and dropped from public notice until recently.

New York family laws accommodate changes in society

New laws and law modifications usually occur following societal changes. Laws that seemed perfectly acceptable 50 years ago, even 10 years ago, may not fit well in today's culture. The pace of change is faster in society than it is in the legal system since laws reflect behavior patterns already in place.

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