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Posts tagged "Divorce negotiations"

New York judge approves divorce notification on Facebook

A New York judge has ruled that a woman who was unable to locate her husband using traditional methods could serve him with divorce papers through a private message on Facebook. The decision was reached after emailing, telephoning and even hiring a private detective all proved to be unsuccessful.

New York divorce and doctors

New York doctors may be interested in a study that found that physicians had a divorce rate of 24 percent, making them less likely to be divorced than other health care providers, such as nurses and health care executives. Only pharmacists reported a lower divorce rate. Even nurses and executives, who had the highest divorce rates among health care providers at 33 percent and 31 percent, respectively, were less likely to be divorced than workers outside the health field. This group had a divorce rate of 35 percent, according to the study.

Taxes following divorce in New York

There are important tax considerations for parents who have recently gone through a divorce. They will need to decide who will be able to claim deductions for the children, as deductions cannot be split. Some alternate the deductions every year, while in other cases, one parent may choose to claim one child while the other parent claims another.

Grounds for divorce under the laws of New York

New York law requires that a person petitioning for divorce provide a reason for the action. There are seven legally-acceptable grounds for divorce set forth in section 170 of the state's Domestic Relations Law. The first six of the grounds require specific activity on the part of one of the spouses. They are abandonment, adultery, imprisonment, cruel and inhuman treatment, living separately by the terms of a decree or judgment of separation and living separately by the terms of a separation agreement.

Financial factors people should address in a divorce

Getting a divorce in New York could put some spouses at a disadvantage if they did not follow the family finances during their marriage. This is why they need to understand their current and future financial needs and address a few elements during the process of resolving their divorce.

Former New York governor has $7.5 million divorce settlement

Deciding who gets what in the aftermath of a divorce is an important part of the process, but one that can often lead to a dispute. When people have been married for a long time, or when their assets are great, there may be a lot of shared property. Other factors, such as prenuptial agreements, also come into play during divorce negotiations. In New York, a former governor is expected to pay a hefty settlement to his former spouse.

More New York couples seek 'no-fault' divorce option

Determining the reason behind a couple’s decision to split used to be an important factor in the divorce process. There could have been any number of reasons, but often one spouse or the other was considered at fault. Today, however, that is no longer the case. Changes to the legislation in New York in 2010 introduced a new option for divorcing couples: no-fault divorce. In fact, no-fault divorce is an option in all 50 states. In Western New York, divorce rates have seen a rise in recent years in what has been termed the no-fault era.

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